AllergiClear Tablets

  • AllergiClear tablets are natural remedies for airborne and seasonal allergies.
  • They also help with the symptoms of hay fever.
  • Improves the body’s overall resistance to allergens.
  • When you use this natural medicine, you can break free from anthistamine drugs.
  • The mucous membranes are protected and kept healthy.


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The AllergiClear improves the functioning of mucous membranes. The herbs used to make it are Quercetin, which contains flavanoids to reduce inflammation, strengthen blood vessels and improve circulation to reduce the production of histamine, Eyebright which can relieve itchy and painful eye allergies and reduce eye inflammation, Silicea which helps to purify the body of toxins ad eliminate foreign matter from the body, Nat mur which can reduce fever, runny nose and other results of inflamed mucous layers, Kali mur, which is a decongestant and also improves liver functioning as a bonus, Calc fluor to tone the cells and tissues, making them more resistant to dairy allergies and Calc phos, which has many benefits including improving skin health. 2 capsules can be taken twice a day by adults and children above 12 years of age. Children below that age can be given 1 capsule 2 times a day.

The release of histamine is reduced which blocks allergic reactions. The immune system is strengthened. The body is made more resistant to colds, flu, sinusitis and other respiratory infections. The natural medicine is completely safe and non addictive. The herbs used to make it are known to decrease allergic to allergens. To manufacture the medicines, FDA registered labs are used and they follow the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices. It has to be taken daily and will work to support a long term release from allergic reactions. The full spectrum method of herbal extraction is used to make the product.

Buy AllergiClear tablets for healthy sinuses and normal histamine levels

AllergiClear tablets from Native Remedies is a herbal supplement for healthy sinuses, clear eyes and normal histamine levels. It is a 100% safe and non-addictive natural remedy that is used to relieve you from symptoms of allergies and hay-fever while improving overall resistance to allergies. With this formula, keep your histamine levels in a normal range.

We live in an environment where there are number of unwanted toxins and millions of microscopic particles such as pollen, dust, plant sores and even pollutants in the form of chemicals in the air. Many of these pollutants are filtered and removed by our respiratory system, while some others enter our body. If your immune system is strong enough, you will be lucky enough to get rid of allergies. Whereas in some people, the immune system might not be that strong and will ignore harmless airborne particles entering the body such as dust, pollen, animal dander etc. This in turn triggers a release of a substance called histamine as well as the other inflammatory compounds in the body. When the level of histamine increases, your body will be attacked by the allergens. AllergiClear Tablets from Native Remedies is one such herbal supplement that helps to support your respiratory health naturally.

Ingredients of AllergiClear tablets

AllergiClear tablet is a 100% safe medicine that comes with a mix of ingredients that are known for supporting a healthy immune system as well as respiratory and skin health. AllergiClear when taken regularly can create wonders when you go outdoors. Following are the ingredients of AllergiClear:

  1. Quercetin – AllergiClear uses quercetin as one of their key ingredient to reduce inflammation, boost immunity, strengthen blood vessels and improve circulation. Quercetin is a well known flavanoid that is found in apples and onions. It is also known for its ability to block the release of histamine thereby preventing allergy symptoms like swollen nasal passages, sneezing, watery eyes, congestion and itchiness in the eyes and nose.
  2. Eyebright – another active ingredient of AllergiClear is eyebright. Eyebright is also known as euphrasia officinalis which is used to reduce inflammation in the eyes. It may be used topically but is very beneficial when taken internally to reduce itchy and wtaery eyes. Eyerbright as the name suggests, is known for maintaining a good vision and eye health.

How to use AllergiClear?

AllergiClear is one of the best herbal supplements for good immune system and improved respiratory health. AllergiClear is a safe supplement that does not use any addictives or added preservatives. It is safe to use for all age groups. AllergiClear comes in a capsule form which is easy to ingest without any hassle.
Swallow AllergiClear capsules whole or with a small amount of water or juice. For adults and children and above 12, take 2 capsules 2 times daily. For children of the age group 6-12, take 1 capsule 2 times daily.
AllergiClear is not recommended for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. You need to consult the doctor before use if needed. One bottle of AllergiClear contains 90 capsules and will last approximately for 3 weeks for adults. For children, the bottle will last longer.

Reviews of AllergiClear capsules

When it comes to reviews, AllergiClear has received positive reviews from their customers. Users who tried AllergiClear on a regular basis found themselves healthy with no allergic reactions.

  1. AllergiClear review 1 – AllergiClear has relieved from hay fever
  2. AllergiClear review 2 – AllergiClear was the best replacement for cough drops and tissues.
  3. AllergiClear review 3 – AllergiClear has helped many to get relief from seasonal allergies.
  4. AllergiClear review 4 – after using AllergiClear, users found reduced sinus congestion and were able to sleep better at night.