Anal Itch Assist

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  • The Anal Itch Assist is a natural medicine for relief from the symptoms of anal discomfort.
  • It can take care of itching and burning caused in the sensitive area.
  • Burning in and around the anus is reduced.
  • Delicate tissues and membranes in the area are kept healthy.


The Anal Itch Assist works from the inside to provide a hassle free relief from burning sensations itches and overall discomfort around the anus. The ingredients used in the product are known for their special properties for relief in from such allergies. Fagopyrum can prevent irritation and inflammation. Croton helps to reduce the itchiness that sporadically erupts. Aesculus reduced dryness in the mucous membranes around the rectum. Sulphur is for the sore parts around the anus. Kali sulp is a carrier of oxygen and is found in the intercellular fluids of epithelium when there is aggravated itching at night. Cina reduces itchiness. To use it, 0.5 ml of the substance has to be mixed in ¼ cup of water and sipped slowly. This can be repeated every 20 to 30 minutes until the symptoms subside.

Buy Anal Itch Assist for itching and burning

It is a safe and non addictive medicine which will not harm the skin in any way. It can soothe the skin around the anus quickly, providing quick relief. The homeopathic ingredients contained in the supplement will internally address the problem. The tincture form of the medicine makes it easy to administer and easy for the body to absorb. There are no added colors or preservatives in the tincture. FDA registered labs and GMP guidelines are used to manufacture the product. Anal Itch Assist is safe to be used by people of any age and also woman who are pregnant or breast-feeding. The individual ingredients are verified by the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States or HPUS. Good diet and exercise are important for the overall health of the person and care must be taken when using products in the delicate area around the anus. Also healthy conditions have to be maintained.

Ingredients of Anal Itch Assist

Anal Itch Assist is a 100% safe homeopathic formula developed from Native Remedies for relieving from symptoms such as anal itching and burning. Each herb used in the formulation soothes the skin in the anal area without any harmful effects. Each ingredient of the supplement is known to internally address anal irritation and discomfort. Following are the key ingredients:

  1. Fagopyrum 12C HPUS – it works well on the skin producing pruritis.
  2. Aesculus 12C HPUS – helps in relieving you from burning sensation in the anus and chills up.
  3. Sulphur 12C HPUS – assists in getting relief from itching and burning in the anus and redness around anus.
  4. Kali sulph 6X HPUS – alleviates skin burning, itching, nettle rash upon the mucosa, slightly irritating and itchy.
  5. Cina 6C HPUS – gives relief from itching of the anus.

How to use Anal Itch Assist

Anal Itch Assist from Native Remedies comes in tincture formula and is thus very easy to ingest. It is a safe and non-addictive tonic that can be used by all ages.

For all ages, mix 0.5 ml of Anal Itch Assist in ¼ cup of water and sip slowly. Repeat every 20-30 minutes as needed until symptoms subside. If needed, you can take the formula directly into the mouth. You can have this formula 10 minutes after the meal or 30 minutes after brushing the teeth, since toothpaste may have strong mint flavors which can reduce the effect of the remedy.

Warning – pregnant and nursing mothers should consult a doctor before using this supplement. If symptoms persist or worsen, consult a health care professional.

Consumer Reviews

Anal Itch Assist reviews say that users were satisfied with the product. Many of them could get rid of the itch in a couple of days after using Anal Itch Assist. Users found this product very effective when used this product for a couple of days. With this homeopathic formula, they could easily shift around in the chair at work or frequent trips to the bathroom.