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  • Anger-Soothe is a natural medicine from Native Remedies that helps to decrease anger and irritability.
  • It prevents temper outbursts and unnecessary rage.
  • It helps to produce calmness and soothe frustration.
  • Sometimes, there are unreasonable states of discontent in people and this medicine can be used to help with those.
  • The Anger-Soothe can reduce night times anxieties and sleep talking.
  • Stressed and workaholic people can benefit from this.
  • This is 100% safe to use.


Anger-Soothe is homeopathic medicine prepared by a team of qualified experts and a clinical psychologists. Stress, tension, nervousness and irritability are part of a busy life and we often long for an external agent to help soothe us. Temper is kept under control and a person is in a more balanced state after the use of this medicine. The natural ingredients used in it are Nux vom, chamomilla, lycopodium and hints of peppermint. This will produce pleasant feeling in the mind. One bottle contains 59 ml of the liquid. To use it, 0.50 ml of the medicine has to be mixed with ¼ cup of water and sipped slowly. For the symptoms to subside, this can be done 3 to 5 times. The drops can be directly dispersed into the mouth, too.

  • It does not work like a sedative like most other calming medicines.
  • There are complete homeopathic ingredients used in this.
  • There will be no side effects from using this medicine owing to its natural components.
  • Its a perfect solution for people who do not prefer psychiatric drugs.
  • The product is manufactured in FDA approved facilities and they use Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines.
  • It does not just produce effects on the surface, but works deep in the cellular level and in the nervous system to calm a person.

Buy Anger-Soothe for anger management and temper control

Anger-Soothe from Native Remedies is a safe and non-addictive homeopathic remedy for controlling your anger and temper. Anger-Soothe is a leading anger management medication that contains ingredients to relieve symptoms of anger, irritability and temper outbursts. Anger-Soothe is developed by a team of clinical experts in natural medicine. Anger-Soothe can be used effectively to support the nervous system at a cellular level, by relieving the feelings of frustration, disappointment and discontent. Anger-Soothe is also helpful for people who are easily stressed and prone to having workaholic personalities.

It is important to control your temper in a healthy way. Being short tempered can end up to an explosive argument and finally break the relation be it social or professional. Long-term uncontrolled anger can cause serious health issues like affecting the heart blood pressure, digestive function and many more. This is where Anger-Soothe helps you to manage your anger in a healthy way through natural means. Anger-Soothe comes with an unique blend of highly diluted natural substances to address emotions that cause anger. These emotions include impatience, stubbornness or an overall attitude.


Anger-Soothe comes in a tincture formula that is easy to ingest by all age groups. Anger-Soothe is a 100% safe homeopathic tonic that contains ingredients such as:

  1. Nux vom 6C HPUS – for those who become extremely violent, this ingredient of Anger-Soothe can be of great help.
  2. Chamomila 6C HPUS – another key ingredient of Anger-Soothe relieves you from symptoms of fluctuating moods, irritability and complaints from anger.
  3. Lycopodiumk 6C HPUS – for extremely sensitive and head strong
  4. Peppermint

How to use

Anger-Soothe is a safe medication that can be used by all age groups. All you need to do is mix 0.50 ml of Anger-Soothe formula in ¼ cup of water and sip slowly. Repeat this for 3-5 times daily until your anger symptoms subside. If preferred, you can take it directly into the mouth. There are no drug interactions in Anger-Soothe.

Make sure you are not pregnant or nursing. If yes, please do consult your nearest health care professional before using the product.

Consumer Reviews

Many customer reviews say that the product has shown amazing results by controlling their anger. One of the user said that the product has helped him to control his temper which other drugs couldn’t do. His rage fits have been eased substantially and he could now work with his colleagues without getting angry for silly things.

  1. Review 1 – another user who bought Anger-Soothe for her husband was delight to see the change in her husband’s behavior after using the product. He was calm and relaxed and never initiated for an argument.
  2. Review 2 – many say that the product has helped them to get relief from symptoms associated with stress such as frustration, disappointment and discontent.