Bacteria Blaster

  • Oregano leaf oil stimulates the immune system and has got anti-bacterial properties.
  • Garlic bulb extract is a natural antibiotic and can cure chronic infections.
  • Sweet orange oil is beneficial in curing the cold and flu and eliminates the toxins.
  • Lemon oil can influence the immune system and kill many bacteria quickly.
  • Coptis root extract is antimicrobial and antioxidant and can boost the immunity.
  • Cinnamon leaf extract is antimicrobial and can fight many viruses as well.



Do you know what is Bacteria Blaster?

A weak body is prone to frequent microbial infections. Bacterial infections are a sign of weak immune system. The bacteria are contracted easily among the people. Due to poor nutrition, sleep deprivation, or trauma many bacterial infections occur. If the body could not resist them in time they might cause more damage. Natural elimination of the bacteria is the best along with immune boosters. Both these are available from the natural herb extracts.

Bacteria Blaster

These natural extracts are being utilized in Bacteria Blaster- a homeopathic preparation to fight the infections. The extracts of many medicinally important apt herbs are used in the making of this non-addictive preparation. Take 3-6 drops of this liquid preparation with water or juice twice or thrice a day for better health. It helps the body fight the invading bacteria and relieves of any symptoms of the infections. It boosts the immunity and helps eliminate the toxins also.

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