• Birth-Heal is a natural remedy to deal with the symptoms after natural or C-section delivery.
  • Sometimes, there is pain in the healing process and this medicine helps to soothe it.
  • Swelling, bruising, soreness, etc could occur during or after childbirth. The Birth-Heal can reduce these.
  • The body will returned back to normal conditions.



The Birth-Heal can release you from post birth trauma, pain and other disorienting physical conditions. Some portions of the body could become sensitive and delicate. There can be after pains related to delivery. Mostly, these have to be suppressed with a lot of discomfort. This medicine can help with tightening the skin tissues and muscles after labor. The uterus, birth canal and perineum are encouraged to heal and brought back to normal conditions with ease. It can release the body from the strain, bowel problems, etc. The Birth-Heal is formulated using very high pharmaceutical and therapeutic standards. They use FDA approved labs to manufacture the product and follow the guidelines of the GMP. The ingredients used to make it are Silicea, Passion flower, Lactose, Mag phos, Arnica and Angelica sinesis. These are known to help the body heal after child birth. 2 of the pleasant tasting tablets have to be taken every 2 hours after child birth and 4 tablets have to be taken 3 times daily for 5 days after that. It can be chewed.

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