• BladderWell is a herbal remedy to prevent the symptoms of urinary tract infections.
  • It helps with symptoms like burning sensations while urination and also reduces improper frequency.
  • It prevent bloating.
  • The medicine brings a natural water balance to the body.
  • The bladder strength is improved by supporting the bladder muscles.



BladderWell helps with reducing the uncomfortable symptoms of urinary infections. There are several disconcerting symptoms of this like frequent urge to urinate but passing very little urination, bloating, lower back pain, lesser ladder strength, burning sensation while urinating, etc. This medicine can regulate proper passage of urine, which washes away waste material from the body. It reduces irritation in the urinary tract and promotes good bladder health. The ingredients used in it are purely natural and come under the HPUS these are: Equisetum arv, Cantharis, Sarsaparilla, Ferrum phos and Apis mel. No preservatives or color is added to the mixture. The tablets are pleasant tasting and they can be chewed. These can be crushed for babies and sprinkled on the tongue. 2 tablets can be chewed in the mouth ever hour for 3 days till the symptoms reduce.

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