BrightSpark – Native Remedies

  • BrightSpark is a homeopathic remedy which helps to relive the symptoms of ADD.ADHD in children or adults.
  • The symptoms include distractibility, impulsiveness and hyperactivity.
  • It improve concentration and focus in the user.
  • It promotes a better demeanor and balance.
  • It reduces frequent spasms, itches and general restlessness.
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BrightSpark is a herbal solution for hyperactive behavior and brings calmness in countenance. It has to be taken in the initial stages of impulsive or erratic behavior and attention seeking actions. The child will become less restless, more alert, calm and focused. There is no risk of addiction when using this medicine and there will be no side effects, owing to the natural components of it. These ingredients are listed in the HPUS: argent nit, arsen iod, hyoscyamus and veratrum alb. These work internally to bring about a balanced mood from the cellular level. Unlike other calming medicines, this does not work like a sedative, but rather like a nourishing supplement. The tablets are pleasant tasting and can be chewed or dissolved directly in the mouth. 2 tablets can be taken thrice a day on an empty stomach. For kids, 1 table every hour for six hours can be given by crushing it mixing with water or sprinkling on the tongue.

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