Bringforth Life Flower Essence

  • Bringforth Life Flower Essence is a product to support female fertility.
  • It helps in enhancing conception.
  • It brings peace to the subconscious mind.
  • By supporting the well being of body and soul, it improves the conditions for pregnancy.
  • It supports the emotional health for fertility.



Bringforth Life Flower Essence

The Bringforth Life Flower Essence will promote optimum health and the emotional and spiritual stability required for the bodily functions like fertility. The vibration energies of the selected flowers are imparted to the body to support the a woman psychologically and spiritually. They support the life force and allowing the female body to flourish under holistic health. The essence of the flowers are extracted under special methods. The natural chemicals of the herbs are obtained by placing the special flowers in natural spring water under the sun. the energy and essence of the flowers are dissipated into the water. The formula is pure and undiluted. The ingredients are avocado essence, blushing bride essence, cauliflower essence, evening primrose essence, fig essence, wild iris essence and wisteria essence. 7 drops can be boiled in ΒΌ cup of filtered or spring water, allowed to cool and hen sipped. An alternative method is to drop it under the tongue 4 to 7 times daily.

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