Calcium – Magnesium with Zinc & Vitamin D

  • The minor ingredients like betaine HCl and glutamic acid HCl increases the zinc, and, magnesium digestion.
  • They also regulate the stomach acid levels and are great help during aging when the less digestion absorption and assimilation of nutrients bother.
  • Take one tablet each twice daily to maintain these mineral levels in the body.



Calcium – Magnesium with Zinc & Vitamin D tablets

Calcium РMagnesium with Zinc & Vitamin D tablets is dietary supplement to have strong bones and teeth along with better thyroid functioning and sleep quality. It also plays a role in thyroid, nerve transmissions, and contraction of the muscles. Calcium is an integral part of bones and teeth. For calcium absorption, magnesium is required so they go hand in hand.

Calcium and magnesium deficiency causes the main two health problems during aging- the osteoporosis and degeneration of the joint tissues. The deficiency of these elements leads to cramps, bone and tooth decay, anxiety, blood sugar fluctuations and insomnia.

Calcium also plays an important role is relieving constipation while magnesium is needed for sleep and other hundreds of body functions. Zinc is needed for all the body metabolic pathways and important for bone density. Vitamin D helps absorb the calcium and also maintains the immune system.

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