• CanTravel is a natural medicine to prevent the symptoms of motion sickness which could happen during air, sea or land traveling.
  • It can reduce queasiness, nausea, vomiting and other such symptoms.
  • It can also relieve digestive issues that is caused by such travels.
  • The medicine can bring inner ear equilibrium that could lead to many problems like dizziness.



CanTravel can help you feel comfortable while traveling. You may be healthy in stable locations, but traveling by boat, road or air could make your systems go haywire, resulting in nausea, vomiting, dizziness and general discomfort. It is not always easy to control our digestive system while traveling. Being able to do this will make any trip more pleasurable and peaceful. You could take a few steps on your own, like eating light and healthy and staying away from suspicious and unhealthy food. The CanTravel has natural ingredients that have been known to provide the highest level of comfort to the systems during location changes. The ingredients are Kali phos, peppermint, lactose, cocculus, Ginger and Pulsatilla. Adults and children over the age of 12 can take a pinch of the granules 15 minutes before travel and it can be taken every 20 minutes if necessary. Children from the age of 1 to 11 can be given a smaller quantity in the same time intervals mentioned for adults.

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