Cat’s Claw Dry Bark (Unicaria tomentosa)

Cat's Claw Dry Bark (Unicaria tomentosa) is often used to treat autoimmune disorders and its related joint degeneration in your body. Here are some of the features of Cat's Claw:

  • treats autoimmune conditions
  • contains anti-inflammatory properties that heals the bone/joint degeneration
  • protects your body against unwanted stress
  • more energy and less fatigue




A herbal product from Natural Wellbeing, Cat’s Claw Dry Bark (Unicaria tomentosa) has derived its name from a cat’s claw. It was found in South America and is actually a form of vine. For those who are unaware, Autoimmune happens when the body inadvertently starts attacking its own parts which leads to diseases. Cat’s claw is extracted to derive its nutritious benefits in treating autoimmune conditions.

Cat’s Claw Dry Bark (Unicaria tomentosa)

The recommended dosage of Cat’s Claw Dry Bark (Unicaria tomentosa) is arund 20 to 40 drops two or three times a day with water or juice. Please keep in mind that if you are pregnant or lactating, you SHOULD NOT consume this medication. Also people who are taking immuno suppressive medications should consume only after a nod from your medical practitioner.

Undergoes biochemical spectrum (i.e. all the parts of the vine are preserved and extracted to give potential benefits).

  • Comes in a tincture formula which makes it easier to ingest
  • money back promises if not satisfied with the product.
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