Chikkie Spot Soother

  • Chikkie Spot Soother is a skin tonic that can help with rashes and itches on the body of adults and children.
  • It will help to stop you from itching the blisters and red spots caused by heat, illness, etc.
  • the medicine soothes the skin.
  • It nourished the skin topically.



The Chikkie Spot Soother can comfort agitated skin through natural methods. The natural ingredients used in the medicine are safe and proven to help the skin. These are European vervain, Marigold, Lavender essential oil, common chickweed, graphites and witch hazel. These have a variety of purposes: restorative purposes and improving skin health, to soothe skin, calming and balancing skin, support healthy skin, remedy for skin problems and to comfort topically. Children’s skin, especially, are prone to skin rashes. This happens more during summer. It is best to avoid scratching the area to reduce the problems. Wearing loose clothing and taking regular light baths can also help. The medicine has to be applied on the affected area and this can be done every 2 to 3 hours as needed till relief.

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