Comfrey (Symphytum officinale)

  • the main use of comfrey is to support bone and wound healing. Comfrey has a substance called allantoin which has amazing bone and wound healing powers
  • helps sooth bruises and sprains
  • helps reduce inflammation in conditions like gout, thrombophlebitis and arthritis
  • helps heal tissues
  • it is used to condition the skin against sun burns, and also to treat inflamed bunions, insect bites
  • it is sometimes used in herbal teas, herbal infusions and poultice and as a liniment



Comfrey is an ancient drug which was used for centuries for healing wounds. It was used to treat fractures, ulcers, cough, bruises, diarrhea and other gum diseases. It can also be used for swelling. The paste was boiled and clothes were soaked in it to create a cast to be used on broken bones. It was believed to help in quick healing and hence it was called knit-bone. Even today, it is used to heal wounds and bones and skin problems. Earlier, comfrey was taken internally, but now it is not recommended in many countries because of its toxic effect on the liver. It is used as a fertilizer for potatoes and as mulch and compost activator. Mulch provides the extra potassium to certain plants

Comfrey is sold by Natural Wellbeing Distribution Inc. in liquid form to be applied externally on wounds or injuries.

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