Concentration Essentials for ADD/ADHD

  • It can effectively reduce the symptoms of attention problems, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness.
  • The ingredients include the 9 herbs Ginkgo (memory and mood), Chamomile (mild sedative), Bacopa (for better memory), Bupleurum, Ginger (for proper distribution of the active ingredients of the other herbs), cinnamon (blood flow), Red Jujube (calms agitation), Gotu kola (anxiety), and Ginseng (agitation, attention, memory, and concentration abilities).
  • The full spectrum extraction does not leave any active ingredient behind and the fuller effects of all of them are effectively utilized in the preparation.



Concentration Essentials for ADD/ADHD Benefits

Lack of the ability to concentrate is a huge problem with children and adults who have the Attention Deficit Disorder and AD Hyperactivity. Concentration Essentials is a simple solution that helps improve the concentration and also calms the nervous system so that the individual shows less fidgeting and improved memory. Concentration Essentials is an herbal preparation that uses many herbs known for its effects on the nervous system and memory recharging. They come in the form of capsules that can be easily taken with water or juice. This is suitable for everyone over the age of 5.

The dosage is one capsule twice or thrice a day for children and 2 capsules thrice a day for adults. Significant changes are visible within a week or two in most cases but this may be delayed in some individuals. Pregnant women and nursing ladies should not take these capsules as its effect on the infants are not known. People who are on prescription drugs must consult their concerned doctors before administering Concentration Essentials.

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