Conjunct-a-Clear Wash

  • Conjunct-a-Clear Wash is a herbal cleanser for irritated eyes.
  • It relieves blood shot eyes and eye irritation.
  • The medicine also reduces itchiness and sticky discharge.
  • It works especially well for strained eyes and reduces tiredness, soreness and redness.
  • It can also remove tiny specs of dust and microscopic particles from eyes.



The Conjunct-a-Clear Wash can remove sticky debris and irritation quickly. Tears are produced in the eyes to wash them and to remove dust particles, germs, etc. When allergens enter and cannot be removed, there can be inflammation in the capillaries, causing itchiness and general irritation, swelling, etc. The eyebrows and eyelashes usually help by stopping the particles from entering the eyes and we could protect our eyes when needed using goggles and helmets. The ingredients used in the medicine are Agrimonia, Arg nit, Calendula and Euphrasia, all of which help in maintaining eye health, providing good vision, soothing eyes, and improves the3 tissues and cells of the eyes from the inside. People of any age can use this medicine by mixing 0.50 ml of the liquid in ΒΌ cup of boiled and cooled water, soaking a cotton ball in water and wiping the eyes from the inside corner to the outside. This can be done 3 times a day till the symptoms subside.

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