CoughEx Sprinkles

  • CoughEx Sprinkles is a natural remedy to reduce the symptoms of croup that could happen to children and babies.
  • It can relieve barking cough.
  • Upper respiratory infections can be treated using this medicine.
  • It can also reduce chest congestions, hoarse voice and wheezing.
  • The medicine will help to open up airways and remove inflammation.



The CoughEx Sprinkles is an herbal remedy for respiratory infections. It will reduce excess mucus formation in larynx and in bronchial tubes. The medicine is safe and non addictive. It can help the body remove mucus and works internally. The natural ingredients are: Aconitum nap, hepar sulph calc, Kali mur, Rumx crisp and mag phos. These medicines help with nasal congestions, restless sleep, cough, excess mucus and phlegm, wheezing, bronchial infections, etc. The medicine is safe to be given to small kids and infants as well: they are more prone to infections. Children and babies can be given these granules by sprinkling it on their tongues. It is effective and can be done every 20 minutes.

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