Crave-Rx Drops

  • It is an herbal remedy that helps with balancing moods that could help quit smoking.
  • It brings emotional stability and well being.
  • The medicine works as a nerve tonic.
  • It brings on a healthy metabolism.
  • Supports good memory, brain activity and also improves concentration.



The Crave-Rx Drops can balance appetite, help you control your mood and enhance brain functioning so that you can control your hard to break habits like smoking. It has complete natural ingredients that help with psychological, emotional and nervous system health. It is actually designed to be used with the Triple Complex NicoTonic which can remove irritability, restlessness, etc and the two medicines can be used as a Stop Smoking kit. The Crave-Rx Drops contains Malabar Tamarind, Oatstraw and Gotu kola which are restorative and nourishing for physical and mental health. To use the medicine, mix 0.50 ml of the liquid in a small cup of water of juice. Sip it 3 to 4 times a day, daily. One bottle of the medicine would last you for 30 days. Caution should be kept when using it during pregnancy and nursing.

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