Diaper Distress Cream

  • Diaper Distress Cream is a natural product that helps to relieve skin irritation in babies, especially in the diaper covered area.
  • It works by forming a protecting layer of cream over the baby’s skin and protecting the baby from rashes.
  • The medicine improves the skin health.
  • It topically nourishes the baby’s skin.
  • The Diaper Distress Cream will keep the baby happy and comfortable.



Diaper Distress Cream

The cream is completely safe and made of fully natural and herbal ingredients. The effects of the medicine are close to aromatherapy for babies but without any additional chemicals, colors or preservatives that could harm the baby’s delicate skin. The skin under the diaper requires extra protection is it constantly comes in contact with body waste and also tends to perspire, being covered. The ingredients used in this cream will help with this. They are Gotu Kola, lavender essential, tea tree oil, Comfrey, Marigold and zinc cream. These keep the skin healthy, soothe it and the cream has many therapeutic uses. To use the cream, press some of the cream into the hand, rub and apply the cream after each time the diaper is changed.

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