• DigestAssist is an herbal medicine that helps with digestion and provides comfort after meal.
  • The medicine helps with digestive trouble that occurs occasionally.
  • It works quickly to provide relief from indigestion.
  • It will support a trouble free digestion and can be used regularly without side effects.
  • The medicine has been prepared under GMP guidelines and FDA approved labs are used.




The DigestAssist is a natural approach to digestion care and uses high quality ingredients for treatment. During digestion, the body breaks down food into a form that is usable by the body. The ingredients used are Peppermint, Fennel, Ginger and Pelargonium reniforme. It supports the gastric system, supports liver function and has many therapeutic values. They help to maintain a balance in digestion and assimilation of food. The nutrients get absorbed into the mainstream of blood for usage in the body. Adults and children above the age of 15 can take 0.50 ml of the liquid in water or juice. Children below that age can be given 1 drop per age of year in the same way.

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