Diuretic Gold

  • Remove urine retention and allow for its free flow
  • It acts as a natural antiseptic and helps control urinary tract infections
  • Sooths the urinary track and reduces bloating
  • Help in the removal of wastes from the body through urine



Natural Wellbeing is the producer of natural supplements and medications since 2001. Being a combination of all natural and herbal ingredients, the products of Natural Wellbeing are claimed safe to use. All the products are manufactured in facilities that are NSF cGMP – Certified manufacturing facility with researchers and professionals with the highest standards. The manufacturing unit of the Natural Wellbeing is in USA. Full-Spectrum extracts are taken for the product and the product is only distributed with proper testing.

Diuretic Gold helps in increasing the urine flow and reduces the retention of the fluid. A bottle of Diuretic Gold contains 1 oz or 30 ml of the solution. There is a 90 day money back guarantee offer provided by the Natural wellbeing for all its products.


  • Better urine flow – The Diuretic Gold by Natural Wellbeing promotes a better urine flow. If the urine flow is not right, it leads to problems of urine retention. So the ultimate aim of this product is to not just solve the problem but to solve it from its root. Other reasons for urine retention is the formation of stones in the bladder, obstructions in the urinary tract, infections in the urinary tracts, inflammation, irritation, swelling and so on. So apart from having these herbal drops, it is very much essential to drink plenty of water a day. Overdrinking is also bad, so drink around only 8 glasses of water a day.
  • Reduces bloating and fluid retention – Bloating can be caused due to overeating, eating foods high in fats, eating quickly and so on. Water or fluid retention is the extreme accumulation of fluid or water in the circulatory systems and tissues of the body and this accumulation is caused when the capillaries are not functioning properly. The Diuretic Gold by Natural Wellbeing helps in reducing both bloating and water retention and ensures a healthy digestion and elimination of waste. The presence of excess gas in the stomach can cause bloating. At this time you can have the Diuretic Gold drops in the dosage levels prescribed.
  • Eases UTI – The Diuretic Gold by Natural Wellbeing also provides relief to the UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). You know you have an infection in the urinary tract when you experience pain at the time of urinating. Your urge to urinate increases and you will feel uneasy. Having sex is another way you can be infected by an infection in the urinary tract. Always keep your essential parts clean and drink plenty of water. This promotes easy flow of urine and keeps you away from being infected in the urinary tract. Severe cases of the infection may also cause the passage of blood at the time of urinating. Consult your doctor immediately if you experience such.
  • Removal of wastes – Removal of wastes and unwanted toxins from the body is very important and the Diuretic Gold by Natural Wellbeing aids the process of excretion. Once you are freed from all toxins your body system will work better and it will have the strength to perform its functions. You can also keep away from diseases and infections if you cleanse your body often. Proper oxidation process also takes place and all your cells will get ample amount of oxygen for its effective functioning. This also aids in the proper circulation of the oxygen to all parts of the body. Your metabolic rate also increases helping you to burn some fat.


The Active Ingredients of the Diuretic Gold by Natural Wellbeing are:

  • Uva Ursi Leaf – This leaf also known as Arctostaphylos uva-ursi is a constituent of the Diuretic Gold by Natural Wellbeing formula because of its property to treat infections in the urinary system. All the disorders faced in the urinary tract find relief from the leaf of this plant. Also infections in the kidney, bladder or urethra and inflammation caused in the urinary tract are also treated. Some people experience pain at the time of urination and some people experience frequent urination or infrequent urination. All these problems can be cured by uva ursi. It helps in getting rid of the excess uric acid in the urine.
  • Nettle Leaf – The Diuretic Gold by Natural Wellbeing also contains the parts of nettle leaf. It is also known as Urtica dioica and acts as an astringent, diuretic and tonic. It is added in a number of homeopathic remedies because of its medicinal value. This leaf can get rid of the metabolic waste from the body and cleanse the whole system. It promotes the functioning of the excretory system and maintains the working of the lymphatic system. Being rich in iron, this plant is great for treating fatigue and anemia. They are also a rich source of minerals and the fresh leaves provide a stimulating effect.
  • Fresh Dandelion Root – Although dandelion was considered as a weed, researchers have found out the many health benefits it provides. Extracts of the dandelion root is added to herbal supplements that promotes the functioning of the liver. It also supports the functioning of the kidney and makes sure that all the excess waste and unwanted particles are excreted from the body. Full protection to the urinary system is given by also inhibiting the growth in the urinary system. This is the reason why dandelion root or Taraxacum officinale is added in the Diuretic Gold by Natural Wellbeing formula mix.
  • Juniper Berries – Juniper Berries or Juniperus communis is a very effective remedy for promoting the flow of the urine. It supports the functioning of the kidney, bladder and the liver system and ensures that all toxins and unwanted wastes are eliminated from the body. It also cleans the prostate of any toxic wastes. Any infections faced in the urinary tract are also treated and cured. Not only UTI, problems like urine retention and gallstones are also taken care off. Juniper berries also helps in promoting better digestion. Other medicinal benefits of juniper berries are to relive pains in the joints and for arthritis.
  • Fresh Marshmallow Root – This herb also known as Althaea officinalis is best for supporting the functions of the kidney. This is one of the reason it is part of the Diuretic Gold by Natural Wellbeing formula. It makes sure that you body is cleansed out from toxins and other harmful wastes. Build up of toxins can lead to the formation of kidney stones and bladder infections. So toxins are what that should be eliminated first hand. This root also provides for improving the urine flow. It is also an excellent diuretic and supports all the functions performed by the kidney. Problems like UTI; Urinary Tract Infections finds relief from this herb.
  • Horsetail – The aerial parts of Horsetail or Equisetum arvense is used as an ingredient in the Diuretic Gold by Natural Wellbeing. Horsetail is good for promoting a better and healthy flow of the urine, it helps in getting rid of the waster from the prostate and protects it from damaging, it helps in reducing the inflammation caused in the urinary tract, bladder and prostate, and it is very good for treating kidney stones and UTI (Urinary Tract Infections) and so on. This is the reason why extracts of horsetail is used in many herbal supplements for taking care of the health of the liver, digestive system and excretory system.
  • Fresh Ginger Root – The final active ingredient of the Diuretic Gold by Natural Wellbeing is the Fresh Ginger Root also called the Zingiber officinalis. Our body needs to be more alkaline than acidic for the proper functioning of all our bodily systems. Fresh ginger root provides the alkalinity needed by a body. A healthy pH level promotes a better balance of the hormones and promotes the enzyme activities. This is needed for better urine flow and for strengthening the functioning of the urinary system which includes the kidney, urethra and the bladder. It also helps in maintaining the pH levels of the urine.

The inactive ingredients of the Diuretic Gold by Natural Wellbeing are Grain, Alcohol and deionized water.


The dosage level varies according to the intensity of the condition you are facing.

  • For General condition: You can take 20 to 40 drops of the Diuretic Gold by Natural Wellbeing 2 to 3 times a day. Mix it in water or juice before you have it.
  • For Acute condition: You can add the drops to either water or juice and then have it.

Side Effects

There are no side effects reported against the Diuretic Gold by Natural Wellbeing but nevertheless if you face any condition immediately stop the usage and seek medical help. Some people have UTI or Urinary Tract Infection. But if this infection lasts for more than 2 days and along with it you suffer from fever or back pain then go to the clinic immediately. This might be a case of drug interaction. If you face any problems like of swelling too consult your doctor.


  • If you are under any other condition or treatment, take the permission of your doctor first before you consume the Diuretic Gold by Natural Wellbeing.
  • Also if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before taking these drops. If by chance any drug reaction or side effects take place it might affect your baby. So to be on the safe side asks your doctor first.
  • The Diuretic Gold by Natural Wellbeing should be kept out of the reach of children.

To place an order for the Diuretic Gold, click on the following link: http://magnusnaturalremedies.com/product/diuretic-gold/

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