Ear Clear Gold

  • Reduces swelling and inflammation of ear .
  • Reduce pain in the ear.
  • Aids in reducing ear congestion.
  • Increases the circulation around the congested area of the ear.
  • Aids in healthy hearing.



Most of the problems in the ears are caused by infections and attacks of microorganisms. It is very important to take good care of our ears. Proper treatment should be provided at the right time to avoid complete damage to the ears leading to hearing loss. A product for treating the infections, inflammations and swelling in the ears is the Ear Clear Gold by Natural Wellbeing.

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Ear Clear Gold – The Product

The Ear Clear Gold oil provides complete solution to ear problems and promotes a healthy hearing. Any infections, inflammations or pain caused in inner and middle ear can be relived with the help of this medication. Apart from treating such issues, the oil improves the immunity system thus preventing the attacks of such issues. If used in the directions prescribed you will get effective results.

The Ear Clear Gold constitutes ingredients that are known to be a great cure for ear problems since ages. When all these medicinal herbs are combined together the effect and performance the product gives is amazing. It not only cures the diseases but also cleanses the ear and takes care of its health. It is safe for both adults and children to use the Ear Clear Gold drops for ear infections and ear aches.

Natural Wellbeing – The Company

The Ear Clear Gold is a product by Natural Wellbeing, who is a manufacturer and distributor of natural remedies for treating many disorders, infections and diseases. The sole purpose of Natural Wellbeing is to provide a safe product and what is safer than using all natural and herbal ingredients in the making of the products. The products of Natural Wellbeing are known for their premium quality with the constituents of ingredients extracted in its full-spectrum. All the benefits posed by the herbs for improving the performance of the product and for treating the disease most effectively are added to the formula.

Natural Wellbeing have facilities that are NSF cGMP – Certified and has an excellent pool of professionals for researching and developing on the product. Their manufacturing facilities are located in the USA. Only after proper testing and quality check does each and every product of Natural Wellbeing reach the market. This is why the products of Natural Wellbeing are considered one of the safest medications to use. A 90 day money-back guarantee is also offered for all the products of Natural Wellbeing.[/restab] [restab title=”Features”]


  • Ear swelling: Swelling is a condition which causes the skin around your ears to be inflamed or tender. This may be the cause of any infections or microorganisms that have entered the ears. There are chances of microorganisms like bacteria, virus, fungus or other microorganisms to enter the ears and they cause trouble to the ears and it functioning. Some of the symptoms of ear swelling are reddening of the area swelled around the ears, a warm feeling when you touch that area and also swelling of the affected area. The Ear Clear Gold helps in defending the ears from these microorganisms and relieving the problems of swelling.
  • Ear inflammation: Along with the treatment of swelling of the ears, the Ear Clear Gold by Natural Wellbeing is effective for treating inflammations caused in the ears. The main cause of inflammation and infections in the ears is the entry of bacteria and virus. Some people who suffer from sinuses and infections also experience ear inflammations. Allergies, cold, swollen adenoids, infections in the nose tissue are some of the other causes. People who are too much into tobacco smoking can be affected by inflammation in their ears. Also if you have viral fever there are chances of it affecting the ears. Serious inflammation of the ears is known as Auricular chronditis.
  • Ear pain: Ear pain is caused in both inner and outer ears. There are many reasons for the cause of aches and pain in the ears and the Ear Clear Gold by Natural Wellbeing provides treatment to all these ear pains and ear aches. When the fluid is build up in the middle ear and inflammation is caused, pain in the ear arises. Other causes of ear pains may be infections in the ear canal, formation of boils in the inner ear, injury in the ear canal especially caused when you poke your ears with an ear bud, excess of earwax, infections in the throat, pain in the jaws, teeth or joints, sinuses and other diseases.
  • Ear congestion: Congestions in the ear are mainly caused when the person is suffering from sinus. It can also lead to other disease and disorders. Some people also experience dizziness because of the congestion in the ear. The Ear Clear Gold by Natural Wellbeing helps to clear the congestion in the ear. It is in the Eustachian tube where the congestion is caused. Ear infections are one of the reasons why ear congestion happens. Congestions in the ear make a person very uncomfortable and it should be treated properly for a healthy ear and body. It is very much essential to drink lots of fluids.
  • Increased circulation: Proper circulation in the ear is must for the fluids and blood to get through every area. The Ear Clear Gold by Natural Wellbeing allows for proper circulation inside the ear. A proper balance of the fluids is must otherwise there are chances of getting infected by diseases like Meniere’s and Vertigo. Proper inner ear circulation can get rid of the spasms in blood vessel and the occurrence of sudden constrictions. It also takes care of the thickened blood vessel walls that impede the flow of the blood. Not only blood, other fluids too affect the circulation in the inner ears.
  • Decreased ringing: The ringing sensation in the ears is known as Tinnitus. Ringing in the ears is often experienced by most of the people. Some of the causes of this ringing sensation are buildup of wax in the ears, infections in the ears, excessive consumption of alcohol, ear injuries or wounds, nose conditions, variations in the flow of blood, injury in the inner ears and so on. If proper treatment is not given in the right time there are chances of hearing loss taking place. The Ear Clear Gold by Natural Wellbeing helps in decreasing this ringing sensation caused in the ears.
  • Healthy hearing: All in all the Ear Clear Gold by Natural Wellbeing promotes a healthy hearing. It not only ensures the health of the ear but also sees to it that the function of hearing is performed well. People are exposed to too much noise every day in their life. Be it from their music player, or cinemas, or concerts or streets and so on. A noise which has high magnitude is considered as noise pollutant and this can even lead to hearing loss. It can also cause diseases and disorders in the ears. Proper care must be given to this essential organ and you do not have to worry when the Ear Clear Gold by Natural Wellbeing is there.
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  • Mullein Flower Oil: Mullein Flower oil is an age long known remedy for ear infections and pains. The Ear Clear Gold extracts the mullein essential oil from the mullein flower and uses in its formula. This oil has many benefits like it is an analgesic for relieving the pain in the ears, it is an antioxidants and it also helps in treating the inflammations caused in the ears. Another important property of the mullein oil is it anti-microbial property that keeps away all the microorganisms and kills the presence of bacteria, fungus and virus in the applied area. So when the Ear Clear Gold drops are added to the affected ear, it is freed of all microorganisms.
  • Coptis Root Oil: Coptis Root Oil also known as Coptis chinensis is added to the Ear Clear Gold formula because of its property to break up the wax present in the ears and cleanse it. This root oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can helps to relieve the inflammations caused in the ears. It is also a known antibiotic with also anti-tumor effects. It aids in the function of not only curing but also preventing any infections caused in the ears. It also boosts the immunity system. This is the reason why you find coptis root oil in a number of medications for ear and other supplement for treating infections and preventing the attacks of bacteria.
  • Garlic Bulb Oil: Garlic bulb oil is one of the most effective natural remedy for ear infections and when added to the Ear Clear Gold formula enhances the performance provided by the Natural Wellbeing product. Garlic is high in antibiotics and is the best for keeping away infections. It is also high in anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-oxidizing properties that not only defends the ears from infections but also from pains and aches. Garlic contains a substance called allicin which is known to be an excellent anti-microbial property for treating infections in the inner ears. A relief to the pain caused in the middle ear infection is also given.
  • Arnica Montana Flower Oil: Arnica Montana Flower oil is an antiseptic and analgesic and is very effective for treating infections and inflammations in the ears. This is one of the reasons why the extract of the arnica Montana flower in the form of oil is used in the Ear Clear Gold Formula mix. It also treats any injury caused in the ears and soothes the skin and muscles of the ears well. In olden times the arnica Montana flower oil was used many for treating any injuries or wounds caused on the exterior of the skin but then later on its benefits to treat injuries, wounds and infections inside was identified.

The other ingredient used in the Ear Clear Gold is Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Dosage Levels

A bottle of the Ear Clear Gold drops contain 1 oz or 30 ml of the medicine.

The dosage levels are same for both adults and children. You can pour in 3 to 5 drops of the Ear Clear Gold into the affected ear. Repeat this process for every 3 hours to get the best results.

Directions of Use

It is advised to use the Ear Clear Gold drops at night. That is, before sleeping you can pour the drops so that the medicine stays touch with the affected area in the ears for a long time.

Once the medication is poured into the affected ears you can put cotton swabs in the ears. This will prevent the oil drops from coming outside the ears.

For better effects, you can warm up the Ear Clear Gold oil first. Just heat it very lightly to such a stage that your ears can handle it. That is, make sure you do not burn your ears.

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The Ear Clear Gold should be kept out of the reach of children. Although it is mentioned to be a safe ear medication for both adults and children, for children the medication should be given only with the supervision by the adults.

If you are planning to follow any other treatment or consume medications for any other diseases or infections, it is best to ask your doctor before you do so. Also even if you are under any other treatment or medication seek permission from your doctor first. This is suggested because there are chances of the different medications getting interacted and harmful effects causing on the body. In order to avoid that always check with your doctor. This applies to all the other products too. Consume only with prescription.

Women who are in the pregnant stage or in the nursing stage should also consult their doctor before taking in the Ear Clear Gold. You have to be sure that this medication does not provide any harmful effects on you as well as on your baby.

To place an order for the Ear Clear Gold, click on the following link: http://magnusnaturalremedies.com/product/ear-clear-gold/ [/restab][/restabs]

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