Ear-Heal Drops

  • The Ear-Heal Drops help to relieve the symptoms of ear infections, inflammation and pain.
  • The drops reduce bacterial, fungal and viral infections in ears.
  • They address pain and throbbing that could occur in the ear due to infections.
  • The medicine can also reduce the frequent occurrence of ear problems.
  • It boosts the immune system so that the body can resist these ear infections better.



Ear Health Facts, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

One of the most important organs of the body is the ears. It does not mean the other organs are any less but the health of ears is as important as all the other organs. Ear problems are increasing now a day’s especially with the introduction of music players in phones and MP3s. exposing your ears to loud music is dangerous for the future health of the ears. this is because when our ears are exposed to loud music the tiny hair cells of the inner ear is the one who converts the sound to signals reaches the brain. So with too much exposure this procedure and the functioning of these tiny hair cells are worn out. Now you understood why your parents tell you to reduce the volume while listening to music.

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Quick Facts

  • The Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement is a product by Native Remedies and constitutes all natural and herbal ingredients
  • This supplement ensures the overall health of the ears and treats any infections caused by the microorganisms.
  • The dosage levels for children between the age of 11 to 14 is 1 drop and the dosage levels for children above the age of 15 and for adults is 0.50 ml of the Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement drops.
  • One bottle of the Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement by Native Remedies contains 59 ml of ear medication.
  • The two main ingredients of the Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement are Pasque flower and Eastern Purple coneflower.
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Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement

Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement is a product by Native Remedies which provides natural solution to all the ear problems faced by the individual. It a complete solution for not only treating but also for preventing problems faced by your ears. It also makes sure that a proper balance of the inner, middle and outer ear is maintained ensure complete health of the ears.

The Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement is suitable to be used for children above the age of 10 and in all adults too. For better effects you can combine the usage of Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement with Ear-Ok drops of Native Remedies.

Native Remedies

Native Remedies is a manufacturer and distributor of natural remedies for diseases, disorders and other conditions faced by humans. It is rightly understood from their name itself that the products of Native Remedies constitute extracts of herbs with the highest medicinal value. The effectiveness of Native Remedies products are high and come with a safety testing and quality testing.

Native Remedies manufactures its products in manufacturing facilities that are FDA-registered with cGMP compliant facilities too. The formula for every product of the Native Remedies is developed by highly qualified professionals who have qualifications in the medical and research field. Native remedies also boast of its products not having any artificial coloring or flavors or preservatives added to it. There are also no animal products used.
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Causes of Ear Infections:

One of the main causes of ear problems and infections in the ears is the entry of microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. The infections bacteria causes are Streptococcus pneumonia, Haemophilus influenza and Morazella catarrhalis and the infections caused in the ears by virus are Influenza and Respiratory Syncytial virus. These infections then lead to inflammations and buildup of fluid causing further problems. It is the middle ear that is most attacked by the microorganisms and more prone to infections.

The other causes of ear infections and problems are colds, sinusitis, allergies, excess mucus, smoking and so on. Hearing loss is a dangerous sign and it is caused by not only infections but also aging, drugs, genetics and so on. It should be treated in the right time in order to avoid further damage.

Symptoms of Ear Infections:

When you are suffering from ear infections or other problems in the ears, you will face pain in the ears. You will also feel very irritated and uncomfortable. The intensity of pain varies for adults and children of different age. Some of the other symptoms are discharge of yellow drainage or blood from the ears, loss of appetites, trouble sleeping, ringing sensation in the ears, problems of balancing, difficulty in hearing, dizziness and so on.

The symptoms may be different for different people but the earliest treatment is best to prevent severe damage to the ears. There are also cases where these infections and problems have lead to hearing loss. Even there are chances in children to have ear infections. As soon as you notice the symptoms in your child consult a doctor immediately.
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Features of Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement

  • Ear Health: The importance of ear health is so high because the ear performs not only the function of hearing but also giving a balance to the body. You might be or have heard of someone suffering from hearing imbalance and that is just this. If the balance is lost, it affects your health. The Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement by Native Remedies ensures proper health of the ears and takes care of any infections, inflammations or pain caused in the ear. There are chances of the other serious diseases or disorders like tinnitus, vertigo or wax build up that affects the ear and the Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement provides treatment for all.
  • Infections of any form: It is the wax formed on the lining of the ear that makes sure that the tissues does not dry out. Wax also helps to fight microorganisms and defend the ears from infections. The Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement by Native Remedies helps to maintain the bacteria levels, that is, ensure that only the good bacteria in the right amount in present in the ears and the all the bad bacteria are not only killed but also prevented. It helps in treating and preventing not only bacterial infections but also fungal and viral infections. Infections can also cause inflammations and that too is taken care of by the Ear-Heal drops.
  • Boosts Immunity system: It is very important to maintain the levels of our immune system and to promote its functioning to have a healthy body. Immunity system also helps to protect each and every organ and parts of the body from being infected or attacked by bacteria, virus or fungi. The Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement by Native Remedies helps in boosting the immunity system and ensuring that the proper health of the ears is taken care of. If you have a weak immune system, there are chances of the ear being attacked indirectly. So it is very important to take care of the immunity system for proper bodily functions too.
  • Balance of outer, middle and inner ear: You will not be able to stand erect when you are suffering from a hearing imbalance. There are 3 parts for the ear, that is, the inner ear, the middle ear and the outer ear. The Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement by Native Remedies helps in keeping the balance between all these different parts of the ears and ensures the ear health. An imbalance of the ear can cause different intensities of hearing loss and tinnitus. Apart from the medications and supplements there are balancing activities available which helps to bring back the hearing balance and the balance of the different parts of the ear.
  • Provides soothing effect: The Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement by Native Remedies is also effective in providing a soothing effect to the ears when applied. When you feel any irritations or pain in the ears, pour in the Ear-Heal drops as per the dosage level and you will be relieved. You can also rub your ears which enable the release of the endorphins that is responsible for boosting the mental health and thereby relieving stress, anxiety, depression and other mental imbalances. It provides a complete soothing effect on the ears and indirectly relieves any pain experienced by you.
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Ingredients of Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement

It is because of the natural and herbal ingredients used in the Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement by Native Remedies, it is known to be safe to use with no or less severe side effects. This is a complete herbal formula with the full extracts of its medicinal benefits.

  • Pasque flower: Pasque flower also known as Pulsatilla is added to the Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement by Native Remedies formula because of its properties of acting as a soothing tonic for the ears and for promoting the health of the ears. This flower is very good for treating serous ear problem like otitis media and for improving the health of the ear and supporting proper hearing. It also acts as a stimulant, ophthalmic, diaphoretic and so on and is used for treating eye problem too. It also provides treatment to heart ailments. The pasque flower is high in medicinal value and this is why it is used in many medications.
  • Eastern purple coneflower: Another ingredient of the Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement by Native Remedies is the Eastern purple coneflower or Echinacea purpurea. This ingredient too provides a number of medicinal values and has been used in medicines and supplement for years. Because of the presence of active chemical compounds, the eastern purple coneflower improves and boosts the function of the immunity system. It treats any infections or inflammations caused in the ears and also provides treatment too otitis media, tinea pedis, sinus, allergic rhinitis and so on. Not only ear infections, the purple coneflower are an effective treatment for all types of infections. Wounds and injuries in the ear also find remedy from the extract of this flower.
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Dosage Levels of Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement

A bottle of the Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement by Native Remedies contains 59 ml of the medicine and it is said to last for about 25 to 30 days depending on the usage pattern. The dosage levels for adults and children of different ages are different. The Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement by Native Remedies should not be given to children under the age of 11. It is very important to follow the dosages as per the prescription and to continue it till the dosage duration is over with any breaks in between. Depending on the frequency of usage, the responsiveness also differs among people.

Dosage for Children:

  • For children between the ages of 11 to 14, 1 drop of the Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement by Native Remedies should be given according to their age. That is, increase a drop for an age higher.
  • For children of the age 15 or above, 0.50 ml of the Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement by Native Remedies should be given 2 to 3 times a day. Mix the drop in 1/4th cup of water or juice.

Dosage for Adults:

The dosage for adults is same as the dosage levels prescribed for children of the age of 15 or above. That is, 0.5 ml of the Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement by Native Remedies. You can mix these drops in ¼ cup of water or juice and stir it well before you consume. Repeat this process for 2 to 3 times a day for better results.[/restab] [restab title=”Tips”]

Things to Note:

The Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement by Native Remedies should be kept out of the reach of children.
Women who are in the phases of pregnancy or nursing should get the permission from their doctor first before consuming the Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement by Native Remedies. This applies to all the medications because at the time of pregnancy any negative reactions on your body will affect your child too. So in order to avoid that go by the safety measures.

There no or rare cases of side effects reported against the Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement by Native Remedies. But nevertheless if you face any reactions or side effects, immediately stop the usage of this product and seek medical help.

When the Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement by Native Remedies is used along with Ear-OK Drops of Native Remedies, this will enhance the benefits and provide a better and faster cure.

To purchase the Ear-Heal Herbal Supplement by Native Remedies, click on the following link: http://magnusnaturalremedies.com/product/ear-heal-drops/

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