Ear-Ok Drops

  • The Ear-Ok Drops are a herbal support for ear health.
  • These drops help top maintain proper level of ear wax that help to keep the ears clean of fungus, bacteria and other infections.
  • It works as a soothing agent in the ear canal.
  • The medicine supports proper ear balance.
  • Overall health of the auditory system is maintained.


Ear-Ok Drops

The Ear-Ok Drops are topical drops for ear health. They contain complete natural ingredients in an almond base. The drops can be directly administered into ears. When the ear wax is in normal level, the ear canal stays healthy, without infections and soothed. Since the ears are very sensitive organs, they have to be treated with care and an ear imbalance can cause a lot of other issues in the body like vertigo, infections, etc. They have to be protected around loud noise and heavy machinery. Sharp objects must not be inserted into the ears. The safe herbal ingredients used in the medicine are Mullein flower, tea tree oil, garlic and lavender. These medicine maintain a healthy balance of bacteria, soothe the auditory canal, supports the immune system, etc. Adults and children above the age of 10 can apply 1 to 3 drops directly into the ear and rub it gently to distribute it in the ear. This can be done in the morning and night for 5 days.


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