Echinacea Root

  • Contains immune modulating agents such as polysaccharides, alkylamides, phenols, phytosterols that builds your resistance and combats bacteria
  • Echinacea Root when ingested prevents your body against fever, cough, infections, healing etc.
  • can be used for prolonged period although a 'yes' from your medical practitioner is required
  • scientific evidence proves that Echinacea Root is beneficial for improving the immunity in body




Echinacea Root by Natural Wellbeing

The importance of a healthy immune system is very high these days. This is because of the increased exposure to pollutants, microorganisms and germs. A healthy immune system also ensures that our body gets the essential nutrients and vitamins needed for healthy sustenance. It is the function of the immunity system to prevent the attacks of microorganisms and defend the body from infections. If our immune system is weak, our body becomes more prone to diseases and microorganisms.

The immunity system has the ability to quickly detect the harmful organisms like bacteria, virus or fungi and prevents it entry to the body. It is these microorganisms that cause bacterial, viral or fungal infections in the body. Females are more prone to be infected by yeast infections. This proneness increases when their immunity system is weak. A natural supplement for keeping the body safe from all infections and microorganisms is the Echinacea Root by Natural Wellbeing.

Natural Wellbeing – The Company

Natural Wellbeing Distribution was started in the year 2001 with the motive to manufacture and distribute natural products for treating, curing and preventing infections and diseases. Because of the constituent of all natural and herbal ingredients, the products of Natural Wellbeing are known to be safe to use with no or less severe side effects.

The products of Natural Wellbeing are manufactured in facilities that are NSF cGMP – Certified manufacturing facilities that follows the highest standards of manufactured. The products are developed by medical professionals after extensive researches. That is how they come up with the best combinations of ingredients to provide the perfect solution to any said disorders or conditions. The Natural Wellbeing has its manufacturing facility in the United States and it sticks to the quality mentioned in their policy. That is a high standard of quality policy is followed with each product reaching the market only after proper quality testing. Natural Wellbeing has a huge array of products and one such is the Echinacea Root supplement.

Echinacea Root – The Product

Echinacea Root supplement by Natural Wellbeing is a product developed from the extracts of the root of the Echinacea plant. A full spectrum extraction method is followed by the Natural Wellbeing to manufacture this product. Echinacea is known for its ability to resists the entry of microorganisms and boosts the immunity system.

Extracts from the root of this plant is taken because this roots contains compounds like polysaccharides, phytosterols, phenols and alkylamides which are an effective immunosupportive compounds. This is the reason why a product is made out of this ingredient. Because of the effectiveness provided by Echinacea, there are no other ingredients added to the Echinacea Root Supplement Formula. If given the right dosages mentioned, the effectiveness and performance is satisfactory.

Features of Echinacea Root

Boosts Immunity

The importance of a powerful immune system is essential to keep the body healthy always. It increases the body ability to resist infections and stay free from any diseases. How the immune system works is that the antigens in the immune system catch hold of the attacking microorganisms and prevents it entry. Different antigens are needed for different types of microorganisms. The Echinacea Root by Natural Wellbeing helps in boosting the immune system. It acts as a natural barrier for preventing the entry of harmful microorganisms. In this way, you can be safe from harmful diseases, infections and disorders too.

Natural Antibiotic

Antibiotics helps in treating and preventing infections caused by microorganisms and the Echinacea Root by Natural Wellbeing acts as a natural antibiotic. The echinea root has an effect of a natural antibiotic and also performs its function in those terms. It does not allow for the buildup of bacteria in the body. Antibiotics are used in many medications found these days and the Echinacea Root by Natural Wellbeing has the natural antibiotic which is less risky and more effective than the other antibiotics. Apart from treating infections, this natural antibiotic helps in treating all the discomforts and conditions faced by the human and promote a healthy wellbeing.

After surgery support

Surgeries are a nightmare. It is not just the surgeries; the after effects of the surgeries too are not good. Some people suffer high pain after surgery whereas the intensity of pain will be less for some. But nevertheless the pain of the stitching remains for some time after the surgery and it takes time for individual to come back to normal. The Echinacea Root by Natural Wellbeing also provides after surgery support for those who have undergone surgery. Apart from having supplements, it is very important to not keep your body idle and move around for the blood flow to reach your wounds for the purpose of healing.

Reduced periods of colds and flu

Colds and flu occurs in the life of every single person. Some researchers say it is good to have colds and flues in order to flush out all the toxins. But the prolonged period of this disorder is bad for the health. The Echinacea Root by Natural Wellbeing helps in reducing the duration of the colds and flu affecting the person. Colds and flu are mainly caused by viruses. These viruses turn into infections too. But all these problems are taken care of by the Echinacea Root supplement. Only thing you have to do is to have this supplement in the right dosages prescribed.

Ingredients of Echinacea Root

The active ingredient of the Echinacea Root by Natural Wellbeing is Organic Fresh Echinacea Root. It is also known as Echinacea angustifolia. The leaves flower and root of this herb has medicinal properties and is used in a number of medications and supplements. The Echinacea Root by Natural Wellbeing uses the root for treating infections and preventing the attacks of microorganisms. This root is widely known to treat common cold. You can take Echinacea when you notice the signs of cold and flu and you will find relief. Studies have also shown Echinacea root to be effective in treating ear infections and upper respiratory infections too.

The root of the Echinacea plant is effective for protecting the body against infections from virus and bacteria. It is a common treatment for cold and flu. This herb is also effective in treating fungal and yeast infections. Yeast infections commonly occur in the vaginal area and the Echinacea Root by Natural Wellbeing provides treatment to all the types of infections faced by humans.

Two other ingredients of the Echinacea Root by Natural Wellbeing are Grain Alcohol and Deionized Water.

Dosage Levels

There are two ways you can follow for dosage levels. One for use as a daily tonic and another for short–term use.

For General Immune Support the Echinacea Root by Natural Wellbeing is used as a Daily Tonic. The daily tonic dosage levels include 30 to 60 drops. These drops should be given 1 to 3 times a day by mixing it either in water or juice.

For Acute Purpose the Echinacea Root by Natural Wellbeing is used only for a short term purpose. The dosages for the short-term purpose include 90 to 150 drops, that is, 3 to 5 squirts for every 2 to 3 hours. The medication should be added to either small amount of water or juice when you experience the symptoms. The acute dosages are for instant relief for short periods. Once the symptoms starts subsiding you can decrease the dosage levels to every 4 to 6 hours from 2 to 3 hours.

Directions of Use

The Echinacea Root by Natural Wellbeing drops should be added to either water or juice and mixed well before consuming. The water or juice needs to be in small amounts only. It is preferred to mix the drops at the time of the doses rather than mixing the whole drops of the day at one gave. Just take small amounts of water or juice and add the drops as per the prescription per time.

Side Effects

Side effects for the Echinacea Root by Natural Wellbeing are rare. The product is marketed as a no side effects products. This is because of the use of all natural and safe ingredients in it. Just in case if you experience any side effects immediately stop the usage of the product and seek medical help.

Cautions and Warnings

Echinacea Root by Natural Wellbeing should be kept out of the reach of children. This applies to all the medications. It is strictly advised to give the doses to your children yourself rather than making them has it their own.

If you are a women who is either pregnant or in the nursing stage, then it is highly recommended to take permission from your gynecologist before you consume the Echinacea Root by Natural Wellbeing. This is said because if there occurs any drug reactions it might affect the fetus or baby too. So to be on the safe side use only with doctor’s permission.

Also if you are suffering from any other diseases or under any other treatment, you must tell your doctor about it before you intake the Echinacea Root by Natural Wellbeing. In this case too there are chances of drug reactions or side effects taking place. Such cases are rare but to be on the safe side go as per mentioned.

All the statements mentioned in this article is not approved or evaluated by the FDA and the Echinacea Root by Natural Wellbeing is not approved to treat or prevent any disease, disorder or infection.

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