Eddy Ear Sprinkles

  • Eddy Ear Sprinkles are a homeopathic medicine for promoting ear health in children and infants.
  • Waxy and spongy ear problems are soothed.
  • It is a safe way to ensure the ear health of babies.
  • The medicine can reduce inflammations that occur due o swimmer's ear.
  • It reduces ear infections quickly.
  • The medicine can also be used as a preventive measure from infections.



Eddy Ear Sprinkles

The Eddy Ear Sprinkles can bring clarity in hearing and deal with issues related to ear health in babies and children under 10 years of age. The medicine has been made using the full spectrum method of herbal extraction so that the bio availability and balance of all the active ingredients can be ensured. The medicine are manufactured in FDA certified labs and they comply to GMP guidelines. Ears are sensitive organs that relay a lot of sound information to the brain to be processed. The sticky wax in the ears keep a lot of infectious bacteria and viruses from entering the ear canal. Special care must be taken so that heavy noise, water, etc do not enter the delicate ears. The ingredients used in the medicine will keep the ears healthy. These are: Pulsatilla, Chamomile, Ferrum phos, Echinacea, Calc sulph and Belladonna. These ingredients have been used to treat symptoms of ear infections and they have several other functions like supporting the immune system, soothing the ear canal, protect the ears after exposure to cold or dampness, provide overall health and naturally cleanse the ears. 1 pinch of the substance can be sprinkled on the tongue every hour and this can be repeated for 6 to 10 doses.

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