Female Libido – natural wellbeing Supplement for women

  • Female libido helps to improve sexual response in women including arousal and lubrication
  • it improves sexual energy and also increases sexual desire
  • it helps increase sensual pleasure and orgasms
  • it helps calm the nervous system to further improve sexual response
  • it helps maintain proper hormonal balance during stress to maintain sexual vitality at all ages



Natural Wellbeing Female Libido

Female Libido has been created by Natural Wellbeing Distribution inc. especially for women to improve their sex life. Created by a women herbalist, Female Libido is a mixture of aphrodisiac herbs and natural nutrients that help strengthen sexual desire and libido and also better arousal and lubrication to enhance sexual pleasure. A number of factors like stress, work, family all have an effect on the hormonal balance of women and affect their sex life.Natural Wellbeing Female Libido increases the sensitivity of the erogenous areas to improve arousal and also improves circulation to these tissues. This increases physical sensations and better orgasms. It also helps to relax the nervous system to further improve the sexual response. Natural Wellbeing Female Libido helps in the following areas;

The product does not contain any synthetics, chemicals or stimulants. 30 drops are to be taken 2-3 times daily in water or juice.

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