Femergy Gold

  • Increases female libido
  • boosts your energy level
  • gives you the mind and body to deal with stress
  • balances the hormonal levels
  • comes with a 90 day money back guarantee



Femergy Gold is one of the products from Natural wellbeing that helps women recover from low libido, PMS, fatigue, stress, irritative mood etc.

Femergy Gold contains adaptogens that boosts up body’s ability to combat stress. It contains Dong Quai root, Ashwangandha Root, Gotu Kola leaf, and many other herbal ingredients that increases your energy, vitality, and mental stamina. It improves blood circulation and provides nutrients to the body which includes the genital area. Femergy Gold stimulates the brain and nervous system thereby helping you to overcome fatigue.

It comes in tincture formula that can be easily consumed. Simply mix with water or your favorite juice. However, do note that women who are pregnant or nursing SHOULD NOT consume this product.

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