FemPause Gold

  • Lessen the sensation of heat or hot flashes.
  • Relief from excessive sweating during night hours(night sweats).
  • Stimulate good sleep and levels hormonal balance.
  • Helps in easing dryness in vagina.
  • Promotes calmness and peace.




FemPause is an herbal formulation that eases menopause and premenopause symptoms. One of the main symptom Night sweats are like nightmare for women, getting completely drench in sweat during night deprives them of their goodnight sleep and is very irritating. Hot flashes is the generation of excess heat in the body that causes redness of skin and uneasiness, then on top this women experience severe mood swings during these periods and dryness in vagina, FemPause is a relief to all this. This herbal formula is very effective and not harmful. Its natural ingredients works inside the body in a wonderful way and releases the body from these pains and discomforts and balances the hormonal imbalance. It releases women from the pain and discomfort that they usually suffer during menopause or just before menopause called as premenopause period when the body starts giving hints of less fertility hormone production. This herbal formula can be used as a long-term medicine and the best alternative to HRT(Hormonal Replacement Therapy).

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