Fibrolo Gold

  • Soothe tension in the muscle ad help them to relax.
  • Reduces inflammation of the muscles and the connective tissues.
  • Helps in maintaining fine blood circulation.
  • Helps to sleep better.



Fibrola Gold

Fibrola Gold helps in relieving the Fibromyalgia state. It is a body condition in which the sufferer experience stiffness and pain in joints, feeling of exhaustion and difficulty in sleeping. Fibrola helps in easing muscle tension and has also got anti-inflammatory effects which reduces the inflammation in the muscles and tissues that connects the different types of tissues also called as connective tissues. It improves the circulation of blood and reduces muscles ache and pain. This natural herbal formula supplies your body with an effective and required dosage of herbs that blends with the body and relieves it from different muscle problems and sore joints. Its herbal formulation aids in restful and better sleep.

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