Fo-Ti Root

  • Fo-Ti strengthens the immune system.
  • It increases the red blood cells and reduces the anemia.
  • It also has anti-ageing effects.
  • It is popularly used in hair and skin care products.
  • It can relieve skin infections.
  • It can help reduce the bad cholesterol rejuvenating the heart functions and energy.



Hair grooming is becoming popular. No styling can be satisfactory when the hair has lost its color and started graying. The premature hair graying is annoying and people might feel helpless. The chemical dyeing is harmful to the strand and follicles. The natural Fo-Ti root extract is effective in restoring the hair color and prevent further graying. Fo-Ti (Polygonum multiflorum) herbal extract can prevent the hair loss also. It can encourage the hair growth, faster. The tonic effect promotes the overall health as well.

Fo-Ti root can also strengthen the nails also. The dry brittle nails are forgotten with regular use of Fo-Ti drops. Take a few drops of the extract 2-3 times daily. It is easily dissolved in water or juice. People with liver inflammation should stay away from this. The same goes with pregnant and nursing women. It can restore the energy in the body and reduce any pain.

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