Focus ADDult

  • Focus ADDult is a herbal medicine that treats the symptoms of attention deficit disorder in adults.
  • Improves concentration in adults.
  • Enhances the memory function.
  • Provides energy and motivation for brain and physical activity.
  • Decreases restlessness and dis tractability.
  • Improves focus and attention span.



Focus ADDult

Focus ADDult is a herbal remedy for attention deficit adults. It is safe to use and can address the the inability to concentrate and other disorders in adults and teenagers. It has been formulated by a team of experts in herbal medicines and the ingredients are known to improve concentration and memory function without any side effects, sedation, etc. The product is made using the whole spectrum method of manufacturing and it follows GMP. For manufacturing, Native Remedies use FDA accredited laboratories to ensure safety, high standards and bio availability in each bottle.

Native remedies Focus ADDult

The ingredients used are for specific purposes on an individual. Gotu Kola provides mental clarity, concentration, brain function and a balanced mood, Rosemary provides an all round energy for improved vitality, Red ginseng is an expensive Chinese herb for overall health, white ginseng is from the same plant but is used in a dry form.

Focus ADDult dosage

Adults and children above the age of 15 can take 0.50 ml of the liquid in water or juice, 3 times daily. Children of and between the age of 12 and 14 can take 0.25 ml of the liquid in the same procedure. It is recommended that the medicine be taken atleast 3 hours before bedtime.

Focus ADDult side effects

This addult product is safe for long term usage.

ADDult reviews

Overall, this product has received 5 stars out of 5 stars. It has high customer satisfaction. There are very few negative reviews for this product. Mentioned below are some honest reviews for your reference. Let’s have a look at some.

“This product helps me to gain focus and concentration. Very great stuff for me.”

“Native remedies is a great product. I could notice a difference in my ability to focus. I have been taking this from the last 2 weeks.”

“Really, this focus formula works.”

“Good product. Love it.”


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