Ginger Gold energy syrup

  • The herbs used in this natural formula are adaptogens that improve the ability to withstand stress.
  • It includes a cerebrovascular and circulatory tonic that supports blood flow to the head, brain and body.
  • Warms and strengthens digestion
  • It acts as a rejuvenating tonic for low vitality.



Ginger Gold Energy syrup

Ginger Gold Energy syrup is an energy booster that increases energy, circulation, vitality and resistance to illness and environmental stresses. It can be used if one is running out of energy or as a preventative to burning out. It includes both dried and fresh ginger root to provide maximum support.

Ginger as a natural remedy has lot of benefits. Ginger helps in reducing nausea, morning sickness, motion sickness, congestion, headache, cramps, hot flashes and indigestion. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it fights against arthritis problems and fever. The product comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

A customer- Mellow Joan from very Northern CA, had fibromyalgia with fatigue, who was too tired to move, He then had ½ tsp of Ginger Gold Energy syrup and within 15 minutes, he got back his full energy, creating a sense of warmth and relaxation.

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