Ginger Gold syrup

  • It reduces pain and inflammation in arthritis joints
  • It has anti-ulcer effects and helps protect the intestinal mucosa from getting damaged.
  • It soothes digestion and upset tummy.
  • It eases nausea, gas, cramping or bloating and supports circulation
  • It soothes sore throat



Ginger Gold syrup

For people who have upset tummies, poor circulation and arthritic conditions, then thisĀ Ginger syrup is the recommended solution. It is a soothing formula that helps in the ailment of upset tummies, motion sickness and relaxes the intestinal tract.

Ginger is a well known natural remedy that improves the assimilation and absorption of essential nutrients. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps in bringing relief from muscle and joint pains. Ginger gold Syrup includes both fresh and dried ginger roots. It is essentially benefitted for people with cold hands and feet. It helps to warm your body by increasing the peripheral circulation and improving digestion.

It is also found that stress and lack of sleep results in upset stomach and intestine troubles. Ginger Gold Syrup includes certified organic fresh and dried ginger root. The root extracts are well preserved to ensure maximum potency.

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