Good Morning Mama

  • Good Morning Mama is a natural medicine that reduce the morning sickness associated with pregnancy.
  • It reduces nausea and queasiness that are especially experienced in the first trimester.
  • Although it is called morning sickness, it can occur at any time of the day.
  • It will reduce the repulsion felt for some types of food and its odor during pregnancy.
  • It ensures the proper functioning of the digestive system during pregnancy.



Good Morning Mama

Good Morning Mama is a homeopathic remedy that reduces the symptoms of morning sickness and nausea during pregnancy. It is completely safe and non addictive. It is made in FDA approved labs and following GMP. It helps to settle the stomach and the digestive system. In the first trimester, hormonal changes in the body causes oversensitivity to smell, digestive trouble, vomiting, etc though the reason is not confirmed. The ingredients used in the medicine come under the HPUS and are safe. These are mentha pip, which is a calmative medicine for digestion and flow of bile. It reduces stomach turning and flipping. Ferrum phos, which is a bichemic salt, is a tonic for the urinary tract. It tones the muscles of the bladder for functioning under strain. Zingiber, is a tonic for digestion and nausea during pregnancy. Nat mur maintains the right salivation levels during pregnancy. Nat phos keeps a normal pH in the body. Nux vom is supportive of proper digestion. The granules are pleasant tasting and can be chewed or dissolved directly in the mouth. 1 or 2 pinches can be sprinkled on the tongue daily.

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