• Gout-Gone is a homeopathic remedy for relief from the symptoms of gout like swelling, inflammation, etc.
  • It reduces burning pain in small joints.
  • Swelling and inflammation in small joints like toes are removed.
  • It prevents the build up of uric acid in joints that leads to gout.
  • The medicine is prepared in FDA approved labs and following the guidelines of GMP.




The Gout-Gone is a fully homeopathic medicine that relieves the symptoms of gout. It is a form of arthritis that affects ankles, knees and the big toe, mainly. The symptoms usually begin to show in the night and has kept many a man awake. The condition is found to be more common in men and post menstrual woman. The disease was called the “rich man’s disease” as its main cause is the accumulation of fat. A healthy life style is recommended to reduce the chances of gout. The Gout-Gone is another natural way of reducing the risk. The ingredients used in the medicine are Antimonium crud, which reduces common aches and pain in joints, Quercus which addresses joint maladies, rhododendron, which reduces inflammation in bones and joints, benzoic ac which reduces redness, cracking, swelling and tearing pain in joints, Silicea, which strengthens bones and teeth, nux vom, which detoxifies the body and ledum, which warms the body to reduce the joint pains that occur rude to cold. To use the medicine, drop the medicine directly into the mouth. It can also be diluted in water. If the problem is acute, 0.50 ml can be taken every 20 to 30 minutes till the symptoms reduce. If the problem is chronic, 0.25 ml can be taken 3 to 5 times daily.

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