Gum Gold

  • Gum gold helps to keep gums clean and healthy
  • It helps reduce plaque which are causes for diseases like gingivitis, receding gums and peritoneal diseases
  • Helps heal swollen gums
  • Keeps the mouth clean and smelling good



Gum gold

Oral hygiene is an essential part of our general health. Unhealthy gums is an indication of not only unhealthy gums, but also of deficiency of Vitamins C, A, coenzyme Q10 etc. Gum Gold is a natural mouth wash made of Goldenseal root, Bayberry root bark, Prickly ash bark, Myrrh gum and Coptis root. Of these goldenseal and coptis are antimicrobials that help kill bacteria to control plaque. Bayberry and myrrh gum help treat swollen and bleeding gums. ItĀ also increases the production of saliva which prevents the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth.

Gum gold can be used either as a general mouthwash once daily, or in severe cases, it can be massaged into the gums directly for better results. Gum Gold is manufactured using strict and hygienic manufacturing standards by Natural Wellbeing Distribution Inc. and hence it is very safe to use. If there is irritation after prolonged use, it can be discontinued for a few days before resuming use.

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