HayFever Fighter

  • HayFever Fighter is a homeopathic medicine that assists the body in treating the symptoms of hay fever and allergies.
  • It helps to reduce sneezing, watery eyes, runny noses, etc.
  • This medicine alleviates the feeling of stuffiness that comes with seasonal allergies or pollen allergies.
  • Reduces the itchiness of eye allergies.
  • Itching and burning sensations in the mouth and throat are also reduced.



HayFever Fighter is a natural remedy to reduce the symptoms of Hayfever. It is safe and non addictive medicine that reduces allergy symptoms like itching, watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose, etc. It removes the stuffy feeling that is associated with pollen allergies without any side effects.

What is HayFever?

Our throat, eyes, nose, eyelashes, eyebrows, etc act as filters of foreign particles. These foreign particles are not generally allergy causing. But in some people, they acts as allergens that trigger allergic reactions in the body, called HayFever. The histamine when released in the respiratory tracts, etc due to entry of foreign particles, there can be symptoms like itching, runny nose, cough and other related issues.

HayFever is nothing but an allergic reaction to certain particles in the air. These particles release HayFever Fighter helps curb these symptoms that are similar to that of cold. The usual treatment method for HayFever is to provide anti-histamines, cortecosterooids etc. But on a longer term that is not healthy.

HayFever Fighter is made with natural homeopathic ingredients that can reduce the symptoms and can also strengthen the natural immune system.

Ingredients in HayFever Fighter

The ingredients used in the medicine are arsen iod, euphrasia, allium cepa, wyethia, kali bich and sambucus. These ingredients reduce nasal discharges, support good vision, eye health, clarify eyes and nose, support the respiratory tract, and prevent respiratory congestions.

  • Arsen iod: a common remedy for hayfever and can also reduce watery discharge and sneezing.
  • Euphrasia reduces the membrane swelling in the eyes and nose. Coughing up of mucus is also reduced.
  • Allium cepa is for swellings and nasal discharge.
  • Wyethia is for general hayfever symptoms.
  • Kali bich reduces thick mucus discharge and relieves breathing difficulty.
  • Sambucus is used for dry spasmodic cough and nasal passage blockage.

HayFever Fighter Usage Directions

Adults and children above the age of 13 can take 0.50 ml of the liquid diluted in ¼ cup of water, every 20 to 30 minutes till the symptoms reduce. Children under the age of 13 can take 0.25 ml of the liquid. If required, the medicine can be taken directly into the mouth. Take the dose 10 minutes after the meal or 30 minutes after brushing the teeth. The medicine should not come in contact with mint flavor.

Usage of HayFever Fighter should be continued for seasonal allergies. Take the minimal dose throughout the season, before you stop.

The response to the HayFever Fighter is dependent on the individual. Some people get faster relief while others will have the effect late. The lifestyle and diet also play their part. The presence of the offensive particle in the air can also delay the effects.

Even if the HayFever Fighter acts fast, the relief will be seen gradual, over the period of time, until you get complete relief. A single bottle of HayFever Fighter is of 59 ml capacity and can last for about a month.

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