iBaba Colic Formula

  • The iBaba Colic Formula is a natural medicine that alleviates colic symptoms in infants.
  • It reduces digest trouble and stomach cramping.
  • It helps the babies to sleep peacefully.
  • It provides relief from gas or flatulence in babies.
  • There is no alcohol or artificial ingredients in the iBaba Colic Formula that can cause trouble for the babies.



iBaba Colic Formula

iBaba Colic Formula is a 100% safe, homeopathic medicine with ingredients that have proven to alleviate the symptoms of infant colic. Infant colic develops gas inside the tummy making them uncomfortable. This gas and fretfulness can sometimes prevent the babies from good sleep. Crying, red face, pulling legs, etc are signs that colic has developed with digestive discomfort. Laying the baby on the lap, on their tummy and rubbing the back to burp them can greatly reduce the symptoms.

[restabs alignment=”osc-tabs-left” responsive=”false”] [restab title=”About” active=”active”]Raising a child is hard enough and if the baby is colic things can turn worse. The baby that cries for more than 3 hours and many a times in a week may be suffering from colic symptoms. The digestive tract of the baby is not working properly and the baby suffers cramps and other discomforts. Its only way to express the discomfort is by crying out loud. It often appears in the evening. The iBaba Colic Formula is a natural medicine that alleviates colic symptoms in infants.

Ingredients in iBaba Colic Formula

The natural ingredients the medicine will aid in it, too. These active ingredients are chamomilla and mag phos. Chamomilla is great to prevent colic and teething pain. It works as painkillers that could treat cramping pain. The mag phos is a tissue salt that can reduce the pain caused by the colic. The tissue salt neutralizes the acid and lessens the gas formation. It also helps improve the digestion of the infant. Sucrose is used as an inactive ingredient. Sucrose will eliminate the chance of any lactose intolerance. The medicine is suitable for babies of all ages.
There are no artificial flavoring agents, coloring additives, gluten or lactose in it to harm the baby or trigger any allergy in them. the formula is gentle on the baby to soothe them into comfort.[/restab] [restab title=”Usage/Reviews”]

How to administer iBaba Colic Formula

It is present as sweet tasting granules which can sprinkle directly onto the baby’s tongue at the first signs of colic. For smaller babies, mix the granules in a little boiled and cooled water and drop the liquid slowly into the mouth. The dosage can be repeated for up to 10 doses at every 20 minutes as per requirement.

The gas in the tummy will be reduced and the baby will be calmer and is able to sleep peacefully. There are no side effects for this natural remedy as the ingredients used are in their diluted form just to have the right effect.

Customer reviews on iBaba Colic Formula

Many customers are satisfied with the positive results they got. In some babies, iBaba Colic Formula not only cured the colic but the acne formed as well. The baby got relief from colic and has a clear skin as well.

The teething discomfort is yet another reason for babies. iBaba Colic Formula relives the pain and allow the babies have a happy teething.[/restab][/restabs]

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