• ImmunityPlus is a herbal medicine that boosts immune system health in the body.
  • It helps to prevent the entry of viral and bacterial infections into the body.
  • Improves energy levels and reduces the frequency of illness.
  • It reduces the degeneration of body cells.
  • The medicine improves liver function and circulation.



The Immunity Plus is a safe and non addictive medicine that supports overall systemic balance and cellular health. For those who often fall ill, it is a sign of a weaker immune system. With the help of Immunity Plus, the can improve their immunity and fight those common diseases that disturb them more often.

A healthy immune system will keep us protected against invaders. Immunity Plus strengthens the body tissues to be more healthy and ready to fight any invasion of a foreign body. It improves the body’s resistance to bacteria and viruses. The intruders are killed then and there without causing much of a visible immune response like flue, cold, allergies etc. Structural integrity is very important to maintain this.

Liver is the resident cleansing agent of the body that helps remove the toxins. The blood circulatory system assists by transporting the toxins to the liver from various parts of the body. Immunity Plus improves this circulation to have the detoxification faster. The presence of toxins in blood can weaken the immune response and succumb the body to many diseases.

Ingredients in Immunity Plus

The ingredients used in it are echinacea, schisandra berry, rosemarry,eleuthero and mistletoe. These ingredients are rich in antioxidants, have a tonic effect on the immune system, supports healthy energy levels, vitality, and well being, have anti-inflammatory properties, improve endurance, and help to maintain a healthy level of fluids in the body.
These ingredients are also responsible for balancing the fluid levels. The fluid retention is another reason why the body shows less immunity. By balancing the fluid levels the immune system can function better.

Directions to use Immunity Plus

Immunity Plus comes in liquid form. Adults and children above the age of 12 can take 0.25 ml, diluted in ¼ cup of water, 3 times daily. Recent research found that an increased dose of 0.5 ml each time can show more improvement in strengthening the immunity. Immunity Plus is not meant for children between 3 and 1.

A wider approach

Our body is like a battle ground with exposure to the many pollutants, allergens and other particle sin the air. The body will have to work overtime to stay healthy. it will only bless you if you can aid it with natural immune boosters like Immunity Plus.

At the same time, taking Immunity Plus is not the only way to improving the immunity. One has to make necessary changes in his life style and eating habits. A healthy diet and regular exercise is the first way to go in order to keep all the functions maintained. In addition there are several natural tonics that can be taken that could support the body.

Exercises naturally improve the blood circulation and the energy production by the cells. With the new energy, body is ever capable of managing its fortress and save you from many common diseases.

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