Infant Massage Oil

  • Infant Massage Oil is a therapeutic massage oil for newborns.
  • It provides a great bonding experience and calms crying newborns.
  • The healing touch of massage is enhanced by using this oil. It improves the circulation in babies to feel them rejuvenated and elevate their mood.
  • It helps to soothe infants after bath or before bedtime.
  • Massaging is a way of developing neurological development in babies and the Infant Massage Oil helps with this task as well.



Infant Massage Oil is a special blend formulated by the clinical psychologist at Native Remedies. It is gentle and safe for newborn babies and is ideal for relaxation. It helps to prepare the baby for sleep or to calm down a fussy, crying one.

Health and well being are extremely important for the first few weeks of a new born and they are delicate enough to be prone to many infections. Massage is a recommended method for the development of their health and using natural, safe, and beneficial oils help to enhance the effects. This blend is made of almond oil. The Infant Massage Oil will bring tranquility and peace in the baby.

Infant Massage Oil is made of

The therapeutic grade almond oil is a well known moisturizing oil which is safe and gentle on the sensitive skin of babies. The oil greatly benefits the skin and the massage is a wonderful experience for both the baby and the doer.

The vitamin E content helps make the delicate skin of the baby healthy looking and prevent scaling due to dryness. Massaging creates the magical moment with your child and makes full use of it.

Almond oil is safe for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin. It is edible so harm if the baby happens to take the massaged hand to its mouth.

Using Infant Massage Oil

To use Infant Massage Oil, place the bottle in a warm water bath. Pour a little oil in the palm of your hands, rub the hands together, and massage the baby’s body. Heat and friction from this will release the essential properties of the oil. It is more suited for infants that are up to 12 weeks old.

Use about 2.5-5 ml of the Infant Massage Oil each time. That would be enough for the little ones, to have the right friction and is also easy to be absorbed by the skin. Each bottle of Infant Massage Oil contains 30 ml of the oil which can last for 6 doses.

While massaging, create a calmer atmosphere so that the baby can concentrate on you and what you are doing. Use slow strokes and knead every part of the baby and ensure that the oil is evenly distributed. Talking is also essential while massaging and look into his/her eyes. Look for signs of their good mood. If the baby is happy, the massaging will be enjoyable and if the baby is not looking at you or turns the head away, take it as a bad time for a massage.[/restab][/restabs]

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