• InflammaGo is a homeopathic remedy that reduces inflammation.
  • It helps to prevent joint and muscle swelling and tension.
  • The medicine helps to improve mobility and flexibility in joints.
  • It quickly alleviates muscle and joint fatigue and stiffness.
  • The medicine is safe and non addictive.



InflammaGo is a natural remedy to temporarily shoo off the inflammation and related pain or swelling. This natural remedy can also soothe the muscle tension. Adding to the flexibility and mobility to the joint muscles, InflammaGo can be highly relieving for those who suffer from minor muscle sprain or joint pain. it is safe and highly effective to reduce the discomfort naturally without any side effects. This remedy can be taken instead of the usual aspirin and live a chemical free life.

Ingredients of InflammaGo

The InflammaGo is an FDA registered natural remedy which contains fully homeopathic ingredients. These ingredients are registered under the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. Throbbing, aching, inflammation and stiffness that occur in muscle and joints due to sports, over exertion, etc. It is best not to exercise when injured and to stop when there is stress. The medicine contains arnica, berber vulg, bryonia, citricidal extract, dulcamara and rhus tox. The ingredients help to maintain joint, bone, cartilage, tissue health, reduce inflammationpain that occurs on movement, prevents stabbing or throbbing pain, removes radiating, sharp pain, maintain the health of joints and muscles, reduce musculoskeletal cramps, sprains, etc.

  • Arnica addresses the natural healing by the body to reduce the inflammation, sprains and other minor bruises.
  • Dulcamara is effective in reducing the joint stiffness.
  • Bryonia relieves pain in the injury.
  • Berberis tends to the radiating pain at the discomfort.
  • Rhus tox reduces the pain in cold temperature that is cured with warmth.

Usage instructions

Adults and children above the age of 12 can take the medicine by mixing 0.50 ml of the liquid in ¼ cup of water and sipping slowly. This can be done 3-5 times daily till symptoms reduce. The drops can be taken directly into the mouth as well. Children under the age of 12 can reduce the dosage to 0.25 ml and it can be taken 3 to 5 times daily as well.

InflammaGo is better taken 10 minutes after the meal or 30 minutes after brushing the teeth. Depending upon the individual response the relief is seen within a few minutes of hours.

Safety of InflammaGo

Pregnant and feeding mothers should consult their doctors before taking this remedy. InflammaGo is non-addictive and is safe for all, young or old. It can be taken for a longer period and can stop the administration anytime without any trouble.

Customer Reviews

People who have suffered a long term joint pain has found relief within 2 weeks and their live their life as normal. it is also effective in reducing pain in the neck, shoulder or other parts as well.

The only drawback this product seems to have is its small pack. the liquid seems to be over too fast and the customers do wish to have a larger capacity bottle for a long term use.

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