InstaClear Sinus Relief

  • The antioxidant and immune boosters provide better resistance against the infections.
  • The infection, inflammation, and congestion are relieved.
  • The phlegm and mucus is removed and clears the tract for better respiration.
  • The body is energized and can heal faster.
  • Improves the body circulation and removes the toxins and provides nutrients and oxygen everywhere.
  • Cures cold and fever and prevent frequent attacks as well.



InstaClear Sinus Relief

This is a natural remedy to reduce the symptoms of the sinus infection. Frequent cold, flu and allergies can cause sinus congestion and headaches. Taking medicines to get relief may cause some side effects. InstaClear Sinus Relief provides relief in a natural way without side effects or addiction to the drug. It is useful as a temporary relief and can be used many times during acute infection.

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Ingredients of InstaClear Sinus Relief

InstaClear Sinus Relief contains extracts of 17 herbs that have got homeopathic value. The herbs are the roots of horseradish, Echinacea, licorice, goldenseal and osha; herbs like spilanthes, elderberry, horehound, boneset, andrographis and yarrow. The oil from peppermint, olive leaf, onion and garlic bulb, cayenne fruit and wild cherry bark extracts are also taken. The ingredients work on different aspects and give relief from the sinus symptoms.

These ingredients work from all sides to attend to provide overall relief. There are immune boosting ingredients, anti-inflammatory agents, antioxidants that work together by reducing the inflammation and protect the cells from oxidative stress. The immune boosters make a better immune system that reduces the frequency of the sinus attacks.

They also relieve the respiratory tracts from the thick mucus formation and clear the pathway for easy breathing. The garlic in InstaClear Sinus Relief improves the blood circulation that transports the immune compounds to the sinuses.

The peppermint oil clears the respiratory tract and reduce coughs. There are other herbs also, that can reduce the cough and are effective against the common cold that goes along with sinus infections.[/restab] [restab title=”Usage”]

Using InstaClear Sinus Relief

The InstaClear Sinus Relief spray is held close to the mouth and sprays the contents. The sprayed contents can be swallowed and is safe for all. It is suitable for only those who are above the age of 12. After spraying the InstaClear Sinus Relief take several deep inhalations for relief. The vapors make an initial short term intense sensation followed by a warm feeling.

InstaClear Sinus Relief can be used as a regular maintenance dose to keep the sinus problems at bay. Continue with the smaller dose for as long as you need. There are no addiction symptoms when you stop it.[/restab] [restab title=”Precautions”]


InstaClear Sinus Relief may not be good for pregnant ladies and mothers. This is used as a temporary relief and is not a 100% cure for sinus. If the symptoms worsen, get immediate medical attention, than continue with this natural remedy.

There are no known side effects of InstaClear Sinus Relief. It is a holistic approach to this common discomfort. The natural ingredients strengthen the body to make it self sufficient to fight the problem on its own.[/restab][/restabs]

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