Joint Gold(Alcohol- free)

  • Remedy for aching and sore joints.
  • Relieves from swollen joints.
  • Reduces joints inflammation.
  • Rejuvenates cells that has incurred damaged and helps in rebuilding them.
  • Improves the functioning of joints.



Most people after the age of 40 suffer from joint troubles, but today the scenario has changed and these days even youngsters complain of joint pain. Pain in joint region greatly affects your moving ability. Joint Gold (Alcohol- free) from Natural Wellbeing is a golden formulation for relieving joints from aches and pains. It helps in reducing the inflammation on joints and also of the tissues around the joints. Its active herbal formula repairs the damaged tissues and helps in building stronger tissues. It increases your joints flexibility and improves mobility and relieves you from the pain that joint pain usually provides during movements.

The main benefit is the absence of alcohol in the preparation. The basic Joint Gold has grain alcohol in the preparation process. This Joint Gold (Alcohol- free) is for those who may not like the alcohol in the product. Instead of alcohol, this natural remedy preparation has vegetable glycerin.

Ingredients of Joint Gold (Alcohol- free)

The herbs used in joint Gold have anti-inflammatory properties and some herbs also promote diuretic action that helps in removal of toxins from body via urine. The main ingredients added are, Devil’s claw tuber, Yucca root, licorice root, Dandelion root, Black Cohosh root, Fresh California poppy flowers.

All these herbal remedies are known for its effect in reducing the joint pain, inflammation and the resultant swellings. Together they increase each other’s efficacy and make the recovery faster than before.

Being a homeopathic preparation has its advantage in no side effects of any kind and also in the ease of administration. There is no other additives in the preparation, other than deionized water, which makes it non-addictive and the usage can be stopped anytime, without fear of withdrawal symptoms.

How to use Joint Gold (Alcohol- free)

Joint Gold (Alcohol- free) is liquid medicine. The recommended dosage is mainly dependent on the severity of the inflammation and pain. The dose can be anywhere between 30-90 drops at least 3 times a day. If the too much too much, then 90 drops can be taken for 3-4 times, until expected relief is found.

Joint Gold (Alcohol- free) may not go well with medical conditions such as high blood pressure, so seek the doctor’s advice before starting the administration. Pregnant and nursing mothers also should not take this natural remedy without consulting their respective doctors.

Effects of Joint Gold (Alcohol- free) and additional tips

The effects of Joint Gold (Alcohol- free) are depending on the severity of the pain and inflammation. Minor inflammation and pain will be relieved sooner and that is age old and severe may take its time for find solace.

Along with the Joint Gold (Alcohol- free), indulge yourself in some stretching exercises without exerting the joints. Frequent movement of the joints reduces the occurrence of inflammation and eases the mobility. While stretching, ease yourself and do it softer so that there is no pain and yet the muscles and moved a bit by bit. The improved blood circulation to the affected areas can also reduce the pain and swelling.

Drink plenty of water as the ingredients in Joint Gold (Alcohol- free) also has diuretic effect that removes many toxins from the body. The water intake restores the lost water in the system.

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