Kids’ Aller Gold

  • The ingredients like Yerba Santa and Osha is a decongestant and powerful antiviral agent. It helps to open the airways thus resulting in increased oxygen uptake into the lungs. By this your child will be able to breathe easily.
  • Kids' Aller-Gold helps to strengthen the liver.
  • Helps to reduce congestion and promotes airways to ease breathing
  • Promotes clear sinuses



The body of children are so sensitive that they easily get caught by different kind of allergies. It might be seasonal itchy, tearing eyes, endless sneezing, cough or congestion. Seasonal allergies are also known as allergic rhinitis or hay fever. Kids’ Aller-Gold is formulated to help your child find relief from allergies. Kids’ Aller-Gold is a natural formula that treats children suffering from seasonal allergies like sneeze, cough and itchy eyes. This tonic comes in a bottle of 30ml. It includes several organic rich herbs like Nettle leaf, Eyebright Leaf, Fresh Yerba Santa leaf, Fresh Osha root, Fresh Oregon grape root, Fresh Ambrosia leaf, and Fresh Lobelia herb, along with vegetable glycerin, deionized water and honey.

Benefits Of Kids’ Aller-Gold

  • Kids’ Aller-Gold is a natural anti-histamine action formula which is alcohol free and honey based.
  • The product comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.
  • Every batch of Kids Aller-Gold is tested under strict guidelines to ensure highest quality.
  • To see the best result, take 3 or 4 times per day in juice mixed or water.
  • The biochemical spectrum of all herbs in making Kids Aller-Gold are preserved to ensure higher extract.
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