Kid’s Biotic Gold

  • improves the immune system of your child's body
  • soothes the sore throats
  • no more congestion in the chest
  • manufactured under GMP facility
  • liquid formula for easy consumption



Kid’s Biotic Gold is an herbal formula from natural wellbeing, that assists your child’s body by keeping his immune system strong and ready to combat any viruses. The immune system of children is weak and is in the developing stage. This makes them more vulnerable to microbial attacks and other infections. Taking lots of fruits and vegetables help to boost their immunity and Kid’s Biotic Gold is a dietary supplement that enhances the natural development and improves the existing immunity in them.

A healthy immune system is the key to a healthy body and kids are in developing stage of immunity. It is up to you to take up the initiative towards their greater benefit. Kid’s Biotic Gold contains all herbal ingredients that work to your child’s benefit by increasing their defense mechanism known as immunity. It is best for any bacterial infections in the respiratory system which includes sore throat, congestion in the chest etc. Kid’s Biotic Gold contains antimicrobial properties that soothes the coughs and loosen up the congestion in the lungs.

Ingredients of Kid’s Biotic Gold

  • Goldenseal root extract is known for its anti-everything actions. It can repel the microbial infections and also prevent inflammation in body. The cell protection is another aspect and this herb provides an overall protection to the cells in the body to show more immunity towards the infectious attacks. The active ingredient berberine has immune stimulating property.
  • Fresh Osha root extract is added because of its antibacterial activity. This helps the children combat the common cold and flu that often makes its visit. The natural ability to work against the virus or bacteria makes the child’s immune system more capable of handling the attacking microbes.
  • Licorice root can stimulate the immune system. It modulates the immune system to work accordingly, increased or decreased activity, and does not suppress its activity as in the case of reducing the inflammatory action.
  • Oregon Grape root has antifungal property. This boosts the body’s ability to prevent or reduce its activity at the onset of any viral attack. It not only helps prevent the infection, but also reduces the after effects of the same. It also improves the skin health.
  • Myrrh Gum is a natural immune stimulator. It can improve the circulatory health and relieves chest congestion and makes breathing easier. It is a great helper in developing immunity against respiratory diseases and infection.
  • Fresh Wild Indigo root is anti-bacterial. Traditionally it is used to prevent ulcers and treats other infections. It is the polysacchardises in this herb that is responsible for the immune boosting activity.
  • Fresh Echinacea flower is used to cure cold and fevers. The antimicrobial activity reduces infection and also soothes the affected areas. It reduces inflammation and stimulates the natural immunity of the child’s body.

Using Kid’s Biotic Gold

Kid’s Biotic Gold is in liquid form that is given according to the weight of the child. The child’s weight and recommended dosage are

  • 10-30 lbs: 10-20 drops
  • 31-60 lbs: 20-40 drops
  • 61-100 lbs: 40-60 drops
  • Over 100 lbs: 60-90 drops

As precaution, seek medical advice giving this remedy to a child that is already on any prescription drug. Caution is also called for a child who is allergic to certain flowers and plants like Chrysanthemum, daisies, chamomile, ragweed etc. Kid’s Biotic Gold is not suitable for these children.

There are no known side effects for this product. In case there are any adverse effects, immediate medical attention must be given.

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