Kid’s Ear Clear Gold

  • Kid’s Ear Clear Gold is prepared from rich organic fields, thus ensures premium quality.
  • Supports a clear ear and healthy hearing with the help of Coptis and Garlic used in the oil.
  • Kid’s Ear Clear Gold eases inflammation, as the herb used to calm inflammation is Mullein.
  • Kid’s Ear Clear Gold also helps increases the circulation to the congested area with the help of Arnica – ingredient, thus bringing down the swelling in the ear.
  • It eases inner ear pain.
  • Kid’s Ear Clear Gold is also effective to remove the excess ear wax.



Are you taking your child frequently to ENT specialist due to terrible ear pain? Is your child complaining that he/she is not able to hear what you say? If yes, then your child is having some ear problems. Not to worry, if you take Kid’s Ear Clear Gold at the right time, your child is relieved from such issues. Every single batch of Kid’s Ear Clear Gold is tested to ensure highest quality and is also protected by 90-day money back guarantee.

Ingredients and work mechanism of Kid’s Ear Clear Gold

Kid’s Ear Clear Gold is an herbal remedy, made using all-natural pain killers, to reduce such pain and inflammation in the ear. It is a natural treatment wherein the oil is gently dropped into the ear. The active ingredients in Kid’s Ear Clear Gold include Mullein flower oil, Coptis root oil, Garlic bulb oil and Arnica Montana flower oil along with cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.

  • Mullein flower oil is an excellent remedy for ear infections and pain. this oil is usually used along with a base oil such as Olive oil (used here). It can relieve pain due to ear infections and also reduce the infection. It also reduces the fever that follows the infection.
  • Coptis root oil is anti-microbial to relieve the ear infections. It reduces the inflammation and provides relief.
  • Garlic bulb oil is yet another natural remedy that can fight ear infections. It works better when combined with the Mullein flower oil and virgin olive oil, both are added in Kid’s Ear Clear Gold.
  • Arnica flower oil soothes the ear pain due to infections. The improved blood circulation triggered by this oil reduces the swellings, if any.

Dosage of Kid’s Ear Clear Gold

  • Warm the oil by rubbing the bottle between the palms before using it.
  • Apply 3-5 drops into the affected ear and repeat after every 3 hours.
  • Best suited to use at night while sleeping.
  • The result should be there within 18 hours and if still the symptoms persist, or the problem exists, seek medical advice as soon as possible.
  • Care must be taken that to ensure before applying the oil that there is no damage to the ear drum. The oil can cause burning sensation to the ruptured ear drum.

Always remember, ear problems are not common and your child complaints of any, there sure is some complaint. Try Kid’s Ear Clear Gold as a primary or secondary relieving method. This is not a single treatment for the ear health problems.



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