Kids’ Potty Gold

  • Helps ease tummy upsets and encourages bowel movements as yellow dock is considered to be used as a powerful herb for easy digestion.
  • Helps in healing stomach problems.
  • The anti-inflammatory herb – Marshmallow helps make bowel movements easier and protects inflamed tissues.
  • It can be used by any age groups having sensitive digestive system.
  • Encourages healthy elimination of waste
  • Strengthens sluggish digestion and soothes gas and cramping.


Kids’ Potty Gold is a safe and recommended natural medicine that can be used for occasionally backed up or sluggish bowels. It helps in encouraging digestion and smoothen the daily bowel movements. Kids’ Potty Gold is made of special mix of natural herbs that soothes gas and cramping.

It is said that one should at least have one bowel movement per day. Otherwise it results in bloating, swelling, gas, and pain in the abdomen. This natural formula- Kids’ Potty Gold helps relieve such issues in the abdomen.

Most often the lack of normal bowel movements is due to improper digestion that leads to constipation or diarrhea. This is most common among children who are poor eaters and whatever they eat, does not get digested properly, which upsets their digestive system and also affect their overall health. Kids’ Potty Gold makes both digestion and bowels easier and make them healthy and fit.

Kids’ Potty Gold ingredients

The active ingredients used to make this synergistic blend includes Yellow Dock root, Licorice root, Fresh Marshmallow root and Peppermint Spirits along with vegetable glycerin, deionized water, honey, raspberry natural flavor.

  • Yellow dock is considered to be used as a powerful herb for easy digestion. The root extract promotes the production of bile from the liver. Bile ensures the proper digestion. It also promotes bowel movements and remove any lingering waste adhered in the intestine. The laxative effects can avoid constipation and promote intestinal movements in case of maldigestion. The lack of enough stomach acid makes digestion slow and this herb can promote the production of stomach acid as well to ensure digestion.
  • Licorice is one of the greatest help with the digestive system. It can cure constipation and promote digestion. It hydrates and softens dry stools. Also helps in soothing the digestive tract. The laxative effect of the Licorice root extract improves the bowel movements in the intestine. Improper digestion causes bloating and stomach pain. This coupled with lack of proper bowel movements make the kids cranky with pain. By adding Licorice in Kids’ Potty Gold, both digestion and gas elimination is assured.

Other Ingredients

  • Marshmallow can improve the digestion and also enhance the effects of other ingredients added in the Kids’ Potty Gold. It naturally cures constipation and irritable bowel syndrome in kids. It is soothing to the digestive system that is irritated due to difficult bowels. The anti-inflammatory property of this herb reduces the inflammation in the rectum that might have caused by the dry bowels. The mucilage produced by this herb can last for longer and stays the same even when it reaches the colon.
  • Peppermint stimulates the gallbladder to release more bile to have faster digestion. it also improve the functioning of the muscles of stomach and digestive tract. It calms the intestinal muscles to relieve diarrhea. It also relieves the abdominal pain due to indigestion or constipation.

When to use Kids’ Potty Gold

Kids often complaint about tummy ache or nausea. Parents may not take those complaints seriously as they are quite common. but of the child constantly complaint about the same and shows these symptoms, it is time to take it seriously and see what you can do to reduce the discomforts.

The common symptoms of digestive discomforts are vomiting, dry lips, abdominal pain and less than one bowel movement per day, diarrhea, poor appetite, fussy eating etc. All these point to poor digestion and the problems related to it. It helps you correct these problems naturally without any side effects.

Kids’ Potty Gold dosage

Kids’ Potty Gold is liquid remedy that comes in a bottle of 30 ml. It is recommended to take 2 or 3 times per day by mixing in juice or water. The dosage is proportionate to the weight of the child. The body weight range of 10-30 lbs, 31-60 lbs, 61-100 lbs and over 100 lbs requires the Kids’ Potty Gold in 10-20, 20-40, 40-60 and 60-90 drops respectively.

For acute conditions use the highest dose for each weight category and when relief is found, reduce the dose to the basal amount. This helps avoid any over dosage and the natural remedy will be more effective. The recommended dosage is applicable for each dose of the day.

Side Effects of Kids’ Potty Gold

There are no known side effects for Kids’ Potty Gold. But each ingredient has its side effects when taken in larger quantity for a longer period.

Yellow dock taken too much can cause diarrhea, stomach pain and nausea. It can also cause skin irritation. Licorice when taken for more than 4 weeks can cause headache, fatigue and rise in blood pressure. Marshmallow can lower the blood sugar level when used for a long time. It is also not fit to use in diabetic children. Peppermint when taken in large quantity can cause heart urn, acid reflex etc as it relaxes the muscles of the digestive tract.

If there is any kid of discomfort the child suffer after taking Kids’ Potty Gold, stop the use immediately, and get medical assistance as early as possible.

Precautionary measures for Kids’ Potty Gold

Kids’ Potty Gold should not be taken with other prescription drugs as it can reduce the body’s ability to metabolize the drugs. It may also increase the chance of getting side effects of the other drugs. Moreover, if the child is allergic to plants like Chrysanthemum, chamomile, daisy, or ragweed, Kids’ Potty Gold can also be allergic to them.

Guarantee and Safety

Every single batch is scientifically tested to ensure high quality. Each herb is extracted with full spectrum extraction method to avoid any possible side effects. All the bacthes are tested to assure high quality and effectiveness. Apart from providing highest quality medicine, also provides 90-day money back guarantee.