Lymph Tonic Gold

  • Helps in easy flow of lymph fluids.
  • Regulates the working of lymphoid tissues and the functioning of lymph glands.
  • Vitalizes the responding ability of the immunity system.
  • Clears lymph fluid congestion.
  • Helps in flushing out waste products produced inside the body.



Lymph Tonic Gold is a natural remedy that ensures healthy lymphatic system. If the blood system is the waste excretory system, it is the lymphatic system that brings the waste from inside the cells and tissues into the blood. It is one of the overlooked systems in our daily life. It has significance in the immunity. If there is a clog in this system, there will be diseases and discomforts in all parts of the body.

Lymph Gold prevents the congestion of lymph glands and helps in removing wastes from the body through intestinal fluids. It aids in keeping the immunity system strong and healthy.

Importance of lymphatic system

In the overall health of our body lymphatic system’s proper functioning plays a very important role. Lymph glands and its fluid are a major part of the immunity and circulatory system. Lymph Gold Tonic helps in keeping the flow of Lymph fluid smooth and easy. Lymph fluids are circulatory fluids or can be called as carrier fluids that carry impurities from the cells and then passing through various lymph glands, it merges into the blood. The fluid must flow freely from these glands, in order to avoid the congestion of lymph glands which are storehouse of white blood cells which helps to combat viral and bacterial infections.

Lymph Gold Tonic help to reduce the lymphatic congestion in the armpits and pelvic regions that results in hemorrhoids, ovarian cysts, varicose veins, hydroceles, prostate swellings etc.

Lymph Tonic benefits

  • This Lymph Tonic supports the free flow of lymph fluid.
  • Equally, helps at heightening the pelvic congestion associated with the ovarian cysts, hemorrhoids, prostate swelling, lymph edema.
  • Besides, this tonic gold maintains a healthy immune response.
    Works in the removal of the waste byproducts.
  • Also, helps fluid drain from the congested areas.

Lymph Tonic Gold ingredients

  • Red root has active principles that increase the osmotic flow of the waste from the lymphatic fluid into the blood. When more and more waste is excreted from the lymphatic fluid there is less congestion and lesser would be the discomforts related. This herbal extract gets the spleen filter the blood of impurities. It also gets the nutrients to the liver for faster breakdown.
  • Ocotillo bark has healing properties that are just meets the eye. The overall systemic circulation is increased with the extract. It will reduce the bloating, itchy and dry skin etc that are most common symptoms of an erratic lymphatic system. It removes congestion especially near the lymph nodes. The inflamed mucous membranes are also
  • Stillingia root cleanses the lymphatic system and improve the immune system. the rejuvenating power of this herb helps remove the toxins, tissue wastes and other cell debris. The lymph vessels are duly drained and all clogs are removed.
  • Astragalus root has antiviral, antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It helps remove the dead tissue debris from the immune system. it cleanses the lymph fluid and ensures proper drainage of body.
  • Ginger root extract stimulates the circulation in the body. The lymph fluid movement I sped up to remove the clogs and any congestion in the way. It also serves as a natural remedy for swollen lymph glands. The swellings are reduced by improving the fluid circulation.

Lymph Tonic Gold dosage

Lymph Gold Tonic can be used for both mild and chronic infections of lymph congestion. The dosage differs with each case. Mix about 20-40 drops of Lymph Gold Tonic in water or juice for chronic infections. Take the mix 2-3 times a day regularly until there is longer relief from the symptoms.

For acute infections of lymph congestion mix 60-90 drops of Lymph Gold Tonic in water or juice and take it 3-4 times a day. But use this higher dose only for a shorter period.

Side Effects of Lymph Tonic Gold

People who are suffering from thrombiosis will suffer more with Lymph Gold Tonic, because of Ocotillo bark. Lymph Gold Tonic is not suitable for pregnant ladies and nursing mothers.

Since swollen nodes may also be caused by some other underlying reasons, it would be wise to consult with the doctor before administering Lymph Gold Tonic. Use Lymph Gold Tonic only of the case is mild and is sure of lymphatic error.

Lymph Tonic Gold reviews

Overall, this gold tonic is a great product. It beneficially helps at supporting a healthy lymphatic tissue function and lymphatic circulation. But there are very few reviews available for this product at the manufacturer’s website. Thus, it would be better you refer other sites for more basic info.

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Diet and Lifestyle

in conclusion, stress, digestive imbalance, and iodine deficiency are the most common reasons for lymphatic congestion. So try as much to reduce stress and have lots of probiotics that helps balance the digestive system. Include iodine in the diet to have its proper supply. Stress can make the body fluid acidic that leads to the congestion.

Also include red colored food in the diet like beets, berries, and pomegranate that has stimulating effect on the lymphatic system. They can also improve the antioxidant property.

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