• Simply add 0.23 mL of the MellowPause liquid in ¼ cup of water or juice three times a day after the meals.
  • The results will start showing after a few doses but it may prolong depending on the individual but not more than 3-6 weeks.
  • It may be used as maintenance program for continual use.



Mellowpause for menopause is a herbal product of Native remedies and is best recommended for women who are going through painful perimenopause and menopause stages. Those who want to buy Mellowpause read on to know more about ingredients, reviews, side effects and more.

Know that menopause is not a condition or disease but is body’s natural change that is experienced by all women. If you are PMS-ing, going through perimenopause period, then the product can work wonders for you.

Mellowpause for menopause – Ingredients:

With a combination of selective herbs, Mellowpause for menopause balances the hormones during difficult stages. Mellowpause ingredients include herbs such as Black cohosh, Pasque flower etc. are potent in delivering optimum results.

For instance, black cohosh has been used by Native American indians for treating women health issues. It can reduce many symptoms of PMS such as hot flashes, night sweats, sleep problems etc. While Pasque flower can cut down directs itself to the nervous system and tones down the frantic nerves thereby calming down your senses.

Mellowpause for menopause – Dosage:

Mellowpause for menopause is recommended only for ADULTS and NOT CHILDREN. The recommended mellowpause dosage is 0.25ml that can be mixed with 1/4 cup of water or juice of your choice. Consume it three times a day after meals.

Mellowpause for menopause – Side effects:

There are no mellowpause side effects to talk about as a whole but yes the individual ingredients can deliver certain side effects. For instance, black cohosh can work like the hormone estrogen that might increase the effects of estrogen. So if you are using a medication for estrogen, then its better you consult your medical practitioner before ingesting this medicine.

Mellowpause for menopause – Reviews:

Mellowpause for menopause reviews have been quite satisfactory. Many women who have been suffering from cramps and hot flashes were alleviated after using Mellowpause. An user claims in her review that she was dealing with unbearable heat flashes. After using Mellowpause for menopause, she was quite impressed as the heat flashes and sweating stopped within days of use.

However on the downside, few claim that the product worked for them the first time and when ordered the second batch, the effect was not that powerful. This is a note to Native remedies that they need to keep an eye on each and every batch and maintain the efficiency at all cost. Another con side is that the product does not cure any condition but is intended to heal only the symptoms that too a temporary relief.