Milk Thistle (Arctium lappa)

  • Overall protection for your liver from inflammation, virus or other damages
  • Regenerates liver cell tissues
  • Can cure other diseases such as autoimmune disorder, inflammation in joints, psoriasis etc.
  • Increases production of bile and supports fat digestion


Buy Milk Thistle Organic from Natural Wellbeing which has been derived from best herbal ingredients to completely rejuvenate your body by flushing out unwanted toxins. Made under FDA registred facility, this centuries aged herb delivers impeccable benefits on your body. Keep reading to know more about Milk Thistle Organic from Natural Wellbeing such as side effects, ingredients, dosage, reviews etc.

Grown in the Mediterranean, Middle East and North African areas, Milk Thistle flowers are disc shaped and can be found in different colors such as purple, white or pink. It is the seeds inside the Milk Thistle fruit that are used for medicinal purposes. The Milk thistle seed benefits are many and range from flushing out waste from the liver to the inhibiting free radicals in the system. The milk thistle seed dosage depends as per the person’s body and the lifestyle he/she has been living on. Move on to serious notes in this article who will tell you how the product works for people living in modern lifestyle.

Milk Thistle Ingredients

The product is absolutely alcohol free and comes with the base ingredient – Milk Thistle seed. Other inactive ingredients include vegetable glycerin and deionized water.

As mentioned above, modern times have put crucial pressure on the body making it submissive to lot of toxins that range from food factors to environmental change. This ultimately puts pressure on the liver that is fondly called the workhorse’ of the body. Milk Thistle Organic from Natural Wellbeing comes with potent compounds called the flavolignans (silymarin) that protects the liver cells from getting damaged by alcohol, inflammation or any other external chemical attacks.

Milk Thistle seed studies are many and have displayed immense response such as increasing the bile production, improving constipation, preventing autoimmune disorders, inflammatory ailments and many more.


Milk Thistle seed uses are many such as:

  • Lowers the cholesterol level
  • It can reduce the growth of cancer cells
  • Reduces cell damage due to chemo/radiation treatments
  • Contains Betaine that gives you quick relief from any illness
  • Counter attacks zinc/lead or even mushroom poisoning
  • Reduces hot flashes or other menopausal symptoms
  • Milk thistle seed can improve people dealing with cardiac ailments, prevent diabetes occurence etc.


The recommended dosage is 30 to 60 drops two or three times a day. Mix it with water or your favorite juice. Since the ingredients are taken from optimum quality raw materials, the potency of the ingredient is maintained at every batch which have been tested before dispatch to the consumers. The product is backed up by 90 day money back guarantee in case you feel it does not match your satisfactory level.

NOTE: If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medicine make sure to consult your doctor before ingesting this product.

If you have allergic reactions to Ragweed, Chrysanthemums or Daisies, you will also be allergic to milk thistle as well. Hence it is advised to consult your doctor before ingesting this product.

Side effects

Milk Thistle Organic from Natural Wellbeing comes with no side effects. The product has been well researched upon and there have been no detrimental or permanent effects found on the body. To be honest, there are no product on this Earth that is 100% safe. Yes, the individual component, Milk Thistle seed can cause mild diarrhea or gastric irritation. But this is because it stimulates release of bile which can improve your digestion factor. However, they can be seen only during the initial 2-3 days as the product is getting adjusted with your body. In fact, not just the seed but virtually no part of the plant have been reported with toxic or hazardous side effects.

Customer testimonials and reviews

There are rare but satisfactory Milk Thistle Organic from Natural Wellbeing testimonials and reviews from people who have benefited from this product. They claim that the product works efficiently with no drastic side effects to talk about.

As Milk Thistle Organic from natural wellbeing is a herbal product, bear in mind that it takes its own time on the body depending on body’s functions and the lifestyle the person has been living in.


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